LED lighting cooperates with growing family vegetables without watering

Whenever there is heavy rain or a typhoon, the price of vegetables rises, and I really want to grow vegetables myself. Zhang Zhongliang, an assistant professor in the Department of Biomechanics of Pingtung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan, leads students to develop a family cylindrical dish growth device, which is controlled by computer software. It takes only 25 to 30 days from seeding to harvest, no need to pour in the process Water, technology has won the invention patent.

Taiwan Screen Science and Technology Patent Manufacturers are very interested

Zhang Zhongliang said that organic vegetables are the future trend. He devoted himself to the research of home vegetable planters, and finally completed the "home-style cylindrical vegetable growth device" in two years. This family-style mini plant factory is about 100 centimeters in diameter and high. Nearly two meters, the temperature is controlled at about 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. According to the size, the monthly electricity cost is about 200 yuan. Also participating in the research and development are Hong Guofeng, Huang Yiming, senior students of the master class of the Institute of Biomechanics Zhang Guangbi.

The biggest feature of the vegetable growing device is to use the self-developed software to control the LED lights above the plants, adjust the different spectral wavelengths according to different blocks and growth periods, and let the vegetables grow in the most suitable environment. Harvested in seven days, leaf lettuce has the best effect, and celery, leek, butter lettuce, vine, etc. are also suitable for planting.

Three manufacturers have already expressed interest in cooperation, and are currently negotiating that the plant nursery system and the light-emitting module used in the device have obtained invention patents and can also be used in the lighting of cultured fisheries.

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