Hongqi H7 is equipped with Delphi active safety system

Electronic Fever News: Delphi has cooperated with China FAW Group Corporation to apply Delphi's active safety system to the new generation of Hongqi sedan series H7 independently developed by FAW and achieve mass production. As China's first active safety system to achieve mass production on its own brand, Delphi pioneered the application of active safety system products on its own brand cars, marking the beginning of the rapid development of active safety products on its own brand cars.

It is understood that the Delphi active safety system implemented on the Hongqi H7 includes: full-speed adaptive cruise system ACC, forward collision warning system FCW, emergency automatic braking and brake assist AB / ABA, lane departure warning LDW, driver Driving status monitoring LKP and active night vision system ANV. During the development of the Hongqi H7 active safety system, Delphi made adaptive matching work for the system's road conditions and driver's driving habits in China, and conducted road tests and performance verification for more than 35,000 kilometers. The local R & D personnel of Delphi (China) Technology R & D Center also played an important role in the core R & D of Delphi ’s global products, and assumed many functions in the core development process of Hongqi H7 adaptive cruise ACC and forward video IFV-150 The development of the module has successfully developed a functional module aimed at the real situation in China. According to Wei Wei, Sales Director of Delphi Electronics and Safety Systems Division, Asia Pacific, Delphi has already launched active safety system development projects with a number of domestic vehicle companies.

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