Youshang Group, a subsidiary of the General Assembly, launched multiple motor control solutions

On July 30, 2013 , the leading electronic component distributor dedicated to the Asia-Pacific market --- General Assembly Group announced that its subsidiary Youshang Group has launched multiple motor control solutions, including Fairchild, Magnachip, Samsung, ST Many international first-tier brands such as TI and TE.

In today's life, many tools and almost all household appliances have motor systems. Motors have many uses, ranging from heavy industry to small toys. In different environments, different types of motors will be selected, such as common household appliances, such as electric fans, electric toy cars, electric cars, washing machines, electric razors, hair dryers, and so on.

In order to make it easier for engineers to choose the right solution, Youshang Group, a subsidiary of the General Assembly, brings together many first-line brands and provides different reference solutions for different application fields. Specific solutions include Fairchild high-efficiency brushless DC motor control design scheme, Magnachip ’s Power Module motor control application scheme, Samsung N429 MCU (Cortex M0) general motor control scheme, ST ’s 80W DC brushless motor control board scheme, ST ’s three-phase high voltage Inverter circuit power board application scheme, TI's InstaSpin series motor control scheme and TE small home appliance motor stall protection scheme.

(1) Fairchild efficient brushless DC motor control design scheme

To help designers cope with resource costs and algorithmic software burdens, Fairchild Semiconductor has developed the FCM8531 analog and digital integrated motor controller. FCM8531 is a customized configurable solution with user guides, reference designs, and evaluation boards that help motor control designers shorten time to market and simplify software design.

For specific program links, please refer to Fairchild's official website:

(2) Motor control application of Magnachip's Power Module

Power Module's motor control application adopts advanced SPT + IGBT manufacturing process, has smooth switching and low loss, can provide characteristics such as large package and large current, New concept spring-type has high static protection function connected to Gate and Emitter IGBT products bring users a variety of package options, and at the same time provide low stray inductance. Specifically, it can be applied to uninterruptible power systems, electric welding machines, motor frequency converters, electric vehicle motor controllers and industrial ultrasonic heaters.

For specific program links, please refer to Magnachip's official website:

(3) Samsung N429 MCU (Cortex M0) General Motor Control

S3FN429 is a new member of Samsung Motor Control Microcontroller, which achieves high performance and cost efficiency in a small pin count package. The control device can be used in fields such as PMSM & BLDC motor control, industrial control, household appliance applications, and locomotives, fans, and pumps.

For specific program links, please refer to the official website of Samsung Semiconductor:

(4) ST's 80W DC brushless motor control board solution

ST's 80W DC brushless motor control board is mainly developed for motor control below 80W and 80W, and has the characteristics of high cost performance and small space. In terms of hardware, ST's Viper16, STGIPN3H60 and high-performance MCU-STM32F100C6T6B are used. The optimized PCB layout and circuit design make the solution highly reliable and production executable.

For specific program links, please refer to ST official website:

(5) ST's three-phase high-voltage inverter circuit power board solution

The three-phase high-voltage inverter power board uses STM STGIPN3H60 permanent magnet synchronous motor two field-oriented control (FOC, PMSM) and trapezoidal scalar control brushless DC (BLDC) motor. The whole scheme has the characteristics of small size, high reliability and simple layout.

For specific program links, please refer to ST official website:

(6) TI's InstaSpin series motor control scheme

TI's InstaSPIN-BLDC is specifically launched for low-cost BLDC applications. It is a sensorless control technology that can start and run a motor in seconds. The solution is extremely simple, the designer can complete the product design without any knowledge of motor parameters and related knowledge, and the user only needs to adjust a single fine-tuning value. Unlike other sensorless BLDC control technologies based on back-EMF zero-crossing detection timing, InstaSPIN-BLDC can determine the time for motor commutation by monitoring the magnetic flux of the motor. InstaSPIN-BLDC uses magnetic flux for commutation. Compared with commutation using back-EMF zero-crossing detection timing, its motor runs more stably at lower speeds. InstaSPIN-BLDC not only achieves smooth operation at low speed, but also provides unprecedented reliable motor starting even under heavy loads.

For specific program links, please refer to TI's official website:

(7) TE small appliance motor stall protection scheme

TE LVR series PPTC products are resettable circuit protection devices, which are specifically designed to prevent damage to motors and transformers used in commercial and household appliances due to overload, overheating, locked rotor, neutral faults and other potential factors. The initial small resistance value of PPTC will not cause any problem to the motor when the system is working normally. When the motor is overloaded or locked, the PPTC resistance will increase rapidly to reduce the overload current to protect the motor; when the fault is eliminated, the PPTC will return to the initial state. Its typical application is the motor stall protection for more complicated small household appliances. TE has gone a step further and developed a device that integrates LVR PPTC and power resistors by thermal coupling, which solves the problem of the slow DC motor stall protection time of PPTC in soymilk machines and other household appliances, providing customers with solutions to such problems A brand new program. The characteristic application of the PPTC product motor stall protection scheme is soy milk machine, food processor, juicer, mixer, meat grinder, beater, coffee machine and other household appliances that require small motors.

For specific program links, please refer to TE's official website:

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About United Group

The General Assembly Group is a leading electronic component distributor in the Asia-Pacific region. The headquarters is located in Taipei (TSE: 3702). Leading component distribution brands in Asia Pacific, such as the Group and Da Chuan Group, with nearly 6,500 employees, about 250 product lines, more than 130 distribution locations worldwide (about 80 in Asia Pacific), and a turnover of 12.2 billion in 2012 US dollars.

The United Nations Group has created an industrial holding platform, continuously optimized the front-end marketing and logistics support team, played a professional partner in the industrial supply chain, and provided Demand Creation, Turnkey Solution, technical support, warehousing logistics and IC e-commerce Equivalent value-added services to meet the needs of different customers such as original equipment manufacturers (OEM), original design manufacturers (ODM), electronic manufacturing service providers (EMS) and small and medium-sized enterprises. With its international operation scale and localized sales channels, it has been cultivating the Asia-Pacific market for a long time. It has been selected as the "Best IC Distributor in Asia" by professional media for many years, and it is firmly ranked as the third largest electronic component distributor in the world.

With the vision of "Industry First Choice. Channel Benchmark" as its corporate vision, the General Assembly fully implements the core values ​​of "team, integrity, professionalism, and efficiency", and provides professional services to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results for suppliers, customers, and shareholders.

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