Marvell participates in VoLTE test and advises operators

Beijing time, July 2 news, while LTE is expanding, VoLTE has gradually established the status of the ultimate voice solution. At present, equipment manufacturers, chip manufacturers and operators have all put VoLTE into the development agenda.

Since VoLTE is still in its infancy, how to better integrate VoLTE into the network and equipment has become a very important decision for mobile operators. Dr. Zhang Lu, Director of Mobile Products at Marvell, gave suggestions from chip manufacturers.

Marvell participates in VoLTE test
Dr. Lu Zhang, Director of Marvell Mobile Products

Leading operators start the VoLTE era

Not long ago, China Mobile, ZTE, and Marvell opened the world's first VoLTE voice phone based on the commercial TD-LTE commercial end-to-end system on the 4G existing network in Guangzhou, which marked the industry's breakthrough in the process of TD-LTE voice solutions. progress.

This VoLTE demonstration uses ZTE's TD-LTE wireless network and core network IMS platform, and the terminal uses a 5-mode 13-band TD-LTE mobile phone reference design based on Marvell PXA1088 and PXA1802. This demonstration realized the end-to-end VoLTE service based on the terminal to the core network for the first time in the industry.

Last week, China Mobile announced at the Asia Mobile Expo: large-scale testing of VoLTE in the second half of this year, and launch of VoLTE commercial services in the third or fourth quarter of next year.

At present, South Korea's SK Telecom and LG U + have launched VoLTE commercial services based on the LTE FDD network. The VoLTE terminals on sale are mainly Samsung Galaxy S III and LG OpTImus II; Verizon, the second largest operator in the United States, also plans VoLTE was commercialized in 2014. Hong Kong mobile network operator Hong Kong Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. (CSL) is also actively preparing for VoLTE functions. Leading operators are promoting the commercial deployment of VoLTE and the further development of the industry chain. It is believed that there will be more and more 4G terminals supporting VoLTE functions.

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