Hangzhou Zhongwei: Innovation promotes industrial transformation and upgrading

[Source: Gaogong LED 's " LED Research Review" 2013 No. 12 (Total 48 ) Text / Zhang Jiliu] This year, driven by a series of favorable policies and downstream market demand, the LED industry is in a piece of The sound of prosperity has ushered in the "blowout" trend. The upstream chip field has been dry for a long time, and there are few full capacity levels. The middle and lower reaches are even more popular. Some enterprises have even placed orders for three months, and listed companies have disclosed In the semi-annual report, over 80% of the total line rose. After the development of the “bottleneck”, the domestic LED industry has taken the lead in achieving the “reverse attack” in the world. The spring of the LED industry has arrived!

The big wave of sand washing, washing the lead, a group of outstanding LED companies quickly emerged, China's LED industry is constantly bigger and stronger!

Taking the road of independent innovation, LED dreams Hangzhou is the development value of hundreds of thousands of yuan from the initial stage of the establishment to the current few hundred million, with the rapid and steady pace of development in the industry, greatly accelerating the process of localization of industry equipment. Looking back on the growth process, this is due to the senior team's vision, insight into the market, real-time development of the pulse industry, and product foresight strategic layout. From the early simple manufacturing to the new creation, the product covers the LED industry chain, involving laboratories and production lines. It provides LED photoelectric standard measurement, chip automation test, package automation test, powder filling and emission measurement, and high efficiency for LED enterprises. The leading overall solution for aging and on-line inspection, intelligent automatic manufacturing of lamps and lanterns, the market coverage rate is over 80%, and has won wide acclaim from the listed and well-known LED companies in the industry, thus laying the foundation for the LED industry chain inspection and automation equipment industry in Hangzhou. Leading position.

In August 2008, Hangzhou Zhongwei successfully developed SMD high-speed spectroscopic tape equipment for mass production. Products have overcome a number of key technologies such as high-speed online testing, performance can be compared with imported equipment, the price has been greatly reduced, greatly reducing user investment costs, well received, the first international import LED automatic spectroscopic tape equipment down "Altar". In 2012, the newly mass-produced ZWL-X7D fully automatic SMD high-precision and ultra-fast spectroscopic system achieved the highest international production capacity of 40K/H, and established Hangzhou Zhongwei as the domestic leading position in the field of package automation testing.

In June 2011, Hangzhou Zhongwei successfully launched the ZWL-3140Q ultra-high-precision color measurement system, which achieved international performance and completely ended China's long-term dependence on imported equipment in the field of high-end color standard measurement.

Last year, as the LED lighting market recovered, it gradually entered an explosive growth trend. The problems exposed by the traditional production methods of LED lighting enterprises gradually appeared. For example, the high cost of artificial production, low efficiency, and difficult quality assurance, seriously restricting the LED lighting industry. development of.

In 2012, Hangzhou Zhongwei laid the layout for three years ahead of schedule, and assumed the national “Twelfth Five-Year” technology support plan project. It successfully launched the world's leading LED light (with) intelligent automated manufacturing system (ZWL-A1500), which was verified by users' large-scale production practice. The system only needs 6-8 personal workers to complete the entire production process of LED lamps from assembly to packaging. The monthly production capacity is up to 900,000 (LED bulbs). Compared with the traditional manual production mode, the average annual labor cost and material consumption are saved. The cost is about 600 million yuan, and the efficiency has been greatly improved, successfully solving the large-scale manufacturing problems of LED lighting enterprises. This product is the first in the world. It replaces labor with mechanical automation, solves the problem of quality consistency detection with high-efficiency aging and online detection technology, connects the whole process of production process with information software, and subverts the traditional production pattern of LED lighting, thus realizing the integration of factory materials. New production and management models such as flat process data and product data informatization.

Like other outstanding LED companies, Hangzhou has made every breakthrough in technology and product creation every time. It is a deep connection and a bright future for the LED industry. We are in the historical intersection of LED semiconductor development. It is also an opportunity period. "All people collect firewood and high flames." Will our LED "Chinese Dream" be far away?

Behind independent innovation...

Hangzhou Zhongwei always regards technological innovation as the source of enterprise competitiveness, and puts technical innovation (ie, pressure allocation principle) into the research and development with higher intensity than the peers. Through years of accumulation, it has built a senior research and development team of 100 people, and the cost has been maintained for many years. With sales of more than 10%, it provides sustainable guarantee for technological innovation of products. At present, it has formed six core technologies of electronic measurement, photoelectric detection, automation control, machine vision, compact machinery and information software, and the industry has taken the lead in the industry. Hangzhou Zhongye is the industry leader of “LED Industry Chain Inspection and Automation Equipment Core Technology Leader”.

With the development of enterprises, relying on traditional scientific research processes and management methods, the operational efficiency of certain problems cannot be effectively improved, resulting in coordination bottlenecks between R&D and market, production and service. As early as two years ago, Hangzhou Zhongwei PDM information technology research platform began to be put into use, providing information system support for product life cycle management, and laid the foundation for efficient operation of enterprises.

In the future, Hangzhou Zhongwei will continue to adhere to the development route of “creating products based on technological innovation”, further deepen the strategic layout of existing products, expand the segmentation of LED industry chain equipment, and actively provide customers with “cost reduction, efficiency improvement, "To generate sustainable value" as the overall solution to help customers improve their core competitiveness, mutual strategic cooperation, and jointly promote the steady development of the LED industry! (The author is the chairman of Hangzhou Zhongwei Optoelectronics)

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