The LED TV industry is “smileing” or becoming a Q3 LED stock performance

Although the recent A-share market is relatively sluggish, the LED TV industry chain stocks have been active repeatedly. Zhaochi shares and Ruifeng Optoelectronics released the third-quarter results forecast, thanks to the industrial boom of large-size LED TVs, the performance has increased significantly. It can be seen that such stocks have become the wave of performance in the third quarter.

LED TV welcomes development opportunities
China's LED TV is welcoming a golden opportunity for development. Because LED TVs have strong energy-saving effects, China's industrial policy continues to tilt toward LED TV products.

According to the data, the global demand for LED TVs in 2012 is estimated to reach 8.5 million square meters, an annual growth of about 17%; in 2013 it is estimated to reach 9.3 million square meters, an annual growth of about 9%; between 2014 and 2018, each year It is expected to maintain an annual growth rate of 3% to 6%, and by 2018, it is estimated to reach 116 million square meters.

At the same time, OEM production of LED TVs has gradually become a global trend, and China has a strong industrial cluster in consumer electronics, and has gradually become the manufacturing base of global consumer electronics. Therefore, the outsourcing of global LED TV will give the Chinese LED TV industry a great opportunity to develop.

Industry development guides investment direction
Because of this, the LED TV industry has ushered in a better investment opportunity. On the one hand, because the demand of the industrial market has entered an outbreak period, it has driven the continuous recovery of performance. On the other hand, due to the lower-than-expected development of the LED lighting business in the early stage, the stock price performance of related LED industry stocks was lower than expected. However, LED backlights and other industries have rapidly become the new business highlights of the LED industry due to the explosive growth of LED TV market demand. This means that the stock price of LED industry stocks is low. Therefore, the third-quarter performance pre-happiness or pre-increased is expected to drive the valuation of LED TV industry stocks to rebound, thus giving the relevant stocks a better investment opportunity.

More importantly, LED has also ushered in three clear development trends in the development process:

First, the trend of LEDs replacing LCDs has begun to take shape;
Second, the demand of large-size LCD TVs by end consumers;
Third, the development of LED TV has gradually formed a typical "smile curve", that is, the upstream design, the raw material supply end and the brand management end become the top of the industry's high profit, while the assembly and other industrial chain enterprises are at the bottom, and the profitability is relatively low.

Following this line of thinking, in the operation, investors are advised to actively pay attention to two types of stocks, one is the varieties at the two ends of the smile curve, such as Ruifeng Optoelectronics, BOE and so on. Second, the industry stocks that are trying to move closer to the smile curve, with Zhaochi as the pioneer, the future brand advantage will be more prominent, and the company has also achieved a certain market position in the international outsourcing business.

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