Effectively solve the problem of LED glare and low light output efficiency

A new type of material, the light diffusion coating, developed by the team of Professors of the Department of Materials Science at Fudan University, was unveiled at the Expo. The material can effectively solve the problem of glare and low light extraction efficiency of the LED light source.
It is understood that there are many imperfections in LED, and one of the most deadly drawbacks is the characteristics of its point source. When the LED light emits light, it will produce a strong light spot, which cannot be directly viewed by the eye. If it is always living around a high-intensity LED light source, the strong light spot formed by the LED light source will instantly affect the visual judgment. Eye discomfort and fatigue can occur in the short term, and permanent damage can occur in long-term use.
In order to avoid the light pollution hazard caused by LED, the light diffusion film developed by Professor Youbo evenly converts the point source of the LED into a surface light source, so that the light forms a diffuse reflection, thereby achieving a uniform light effect, so that the overall light source is more uniform and soft. ,full. The reporter learned that the light diffusion film can not only improve the utilization of LED light, increase the brightness of the LED, but also reduce the use of the lamp. Once the number of lamps is reduced, the power consumption of the LCD screen and the generation of heat energy are greatly reduced, which is helpful for environmental protection. LED light diffusion coating, which can replace the currently used diffusion film, can be used to eliminate glare and point light source problems of LED devices. It can be used for outdoor street lighting and traffic lighting, large-size LCD panels and notebook computer backlights, architectural decorative lighting, automobiles. Use lighting, home lighting, etc.

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