Home central air conditioners gradually become the mainstream trend

In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards and the continuous improvement of living conditions, home central air-conditioning has gradually entered people's daily lives, and home central air-conditioning is becoming a mainstream trend.

Home central air conditioning is a miniaturized and independent air conditioning system. Similar to the large central air conditioner in the cooling method and basic structure, a host computer connects multiple terminal outlets through air ducts or hot and cold water pipes, and the air conditioners are sent to different areas to achieve indoor temperature control. At present, home central air-conditioning has been widely used in apartments and villas in Europe, the United States, Singapore, Japan and other countries and regions. Statistics show that in the United States, 72% of households own air-conditioners, and 48% of them use home central air-conditioning. In China, home-use central air-conditioning is still in its infancy, and its utilization rate is only about 5%, or even lower. However, people in the industry believe that the future of home central air conditioning in the Chinese market will become a trend.

The split air conditioners that are widely used today, whether they are wall-hangers or lockers, need to occupy the floor space of the room. In addition, the refrigerant pipes of the indoor and outdoor units are exposed, and it is generally difficult to unify the room with the overall decoration style of the room. coordination. In addition, the indoor unit is generally installed near the external unit, so the installation position of the indoor unit is very limited, and it is not necessarily the best choice for using effects and aesthetics.

The use of concealed installation of home central air-conditioning, the indoor unit, refrigerant pipes, condensate pipes, etc. are hidden in the space of the local ceiling, to maximize the release of the indoor space, and the use of one-to-many design, can fully consider the appearance With the need for comfort, different internal machines are used in different home spaces to integrate the central air conditioning and interior decoration style.

In addition to being more beautiful, comfort is one of the advantages of central air conditioning. Home central air conditioning can introduce fresh outdoor air, large air volume, small temperature difference, and even room temperature. Unlike split air conditioners, which have only one air supply method, home central air conditioners can implement a variety of air supply methods. They can formulate different plans based on the specific conditions of the rooms and enhance the comfort of the human body. The temperature difference in the same space is about 1°C. In addition, the separation of the main engine and the indoor unit makes the noise relatively low.

As for the convenience of power consumption, today's home central air conditioners are designed with variable frequency, speed, power can be intelligent regulation, more energy-efficient than split-type air conditioner.

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