Xinyue Optoelectronics: Struggle 2014•Struggle 2015

[Text|High-tech LED reporter Yue Mengdi] In 2015, more than 20 days have passed, and the Lunar New Year is close at hand. At 17:00 on January 24, the annual meeting of Xinyue Optoelectronics “Struggle 2014·Struggle 2015” was grandly opened in Shengdiwan Hotel, Guangming New District, Shenzhen.

The annual meeting was a festive atmosphere. The senior staff and employees of Xinyue Optoelectronics all attended the event. The customers and suppliers of Jingyuan Baochen also greeted each other. The whole venue was as happy as the wedding scene.

Xinyue Optoelectronics Annual Meeting

After introducing the products that Xinyue Optoelectronics is proud of, the three large screens broadcast the life of the employees, and the company's corporate culture construction can be seen from it.

At 18:00, the whole ceremony was lighted, symbolizing that Xinyue Optoelectronics will light up in 2015. The unique sand painting performance opened the prelude of the annual meeting. The sand painting vividly expressed the entrepreneurial spirit of Xinyue Optoelectronics mutual assistance, cooperation, innovation and vitality through a series of animations.

Lighting ceremony

Xinyue Optoelectronics is a professional manufacturer of high-quality high-power LED light sources in China. As of November 2014, its sales of single-bright lumen light source COB has reached more than 80 million. Zou Yiming, general manager of Xinyue Optoelectronics, said in his opening speech at the annual meeting that the revenue target of Xinyue Optoelectronics in 2015 is 60%. “We will increase 10 production lines in the first quarter, and the COB capacity will reach 15kk/month in the second quarter.” Zou Yiming confidently conveyed the plan to everyone present.

Zou Yiming, General Manager of Xinyue Photoelectric

The confidence of the general manager infected all employees. In the process of signing the “military order”, the domestic light source sales department, the international sales department and the domestic e-commerce department announced the goals and challenges of the department in 2015.

As the LED midstream industry, the market competition is not just price competition. In Zou Yiming's view, COB is the competition for technological technology improvement, the segmentation competition in the market application field, the competition for enterprise service awareness, and the competition between enterprise and enterprise management level and capability.

"We want to be a leading COB company in China." Zou Yiming said. With the trend of market homogenization becoming more obvious and the convergence of competitiveness, the importance of market segmentation has begun to become more prominent. “COB Leading Enterprise” is the positioning of Xinyue Optoelectronics for itself. In fact, due to the obvious advantages of COB and high market acceptance, Zou Yiming believes that COB will be the absolute market mainstream in the next 2-3 years or even longer.

"And Xinyue Optoelectronics has to focus on it." Zou Yiming said that the enterprises that do everything will only have smaller and smaller advantages in the future.

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