The 17th Expressway Products Exhibition Sansi LED products have received much attention

From March 19th to 20th, the 17th China Expressway Informatization Seminar and Technical Product Exhibition was successfully held in Nanjing International Exhibition Hall. This exhibition is no matter the number and scale of exhibitors and the number of people who come to observe the exhibition. All of them have reached an unprecedented grand occasion, and all kinds of new technology products have made a big splash at the exhibition, which has won praises from many visitors. Throughout the exhibition, Shanghai Sansi's booth was visited by visitors, visitors came to consult and watch, and high-quality products won the unanimous praise of visitors.

Sansi ultra high definition small pitch LED display

At this exhibition, Sansi's LED display series and LED lighting series products were particularly dazzling at the exhibition. The most eye-catching is the small-pitch LED display. The pitch of the small-pitch LED display is as low as 1.6mm, which is the top level of the current mass production in the industry. Whether it is the graphic display effect or the intelligent control system carried on the screen has become the focus of visitors. Many small-pitch LED display users have given high marks to Sansi's small-pitch LED display after comparing multiple displays.

Sansi ultra high definition small pitch LED display

Sansi's LED-inducing screen and highway information board have attracted many new and old customers to come to consult and express their concern for Sansi's new products. Shanghai Sansi not only does its best in product quality, but also works hard in after-sales service. This is the main reason why Sansi has a 60% market share in variable intelligence display.

Sansi ultra-high-definition small-pitch LED monitor screen

At this exhibition, Shanghai Sansi not only pays close attention to LED display, but also people who come to consult on LED lighting.

The panel lights developed by Shanghai Sansi attract many visitors with the characteristics of “seeing the light without seeing the light”. The panel light is used for illumination inside the tunnel, and the light is soft and uniform, which can minimize the visual difference between the inside and outside of the tunnel, so that the passing vehicles can travel more safely.

At the exhibition, Shanghai Sansi's latest lighting products won more people's attention. This is a "magic" LED lighting fixture that can be discolored, built-in more than 16 million colors, through the built-in WiFi hotspot, on the APP. Can be adjusted at will. Not only that, this light has a "smart mind" that can "direct" the color of the light to change with the rhythm of the music played by the mobile phone, and use the sound color to better interpret the emotions in the music. The performance of this lamp is far more than just a lot of "special" ability, it is the most representative product of the current intelligent LED lamp. (This article is based on Shanghai Sansi submission)

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Grow Light Quantum 120W

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