Commercial Lighting 2.0: What should LED commercial lighting source be?

One of the characteristics of LED illumination sources is "light perception."
Light perception is not only the intensity or brightness of light, but also excellent lighting, and a comfortable light distribution. A soft light distribution makes people's eyes feel comfortable, instead of producing glare and dizziness; Need to provide accurate lighting, appropriate brightness and angle to produce bright, dark and distinct lighting to highlight the merchandise, as shown in the fashion store lighting as shown below.
1 light perception
Figure: Fashion store lighting
Light color
The second characteristic of an excellent LED lighting source is "light color."
1, color development
The performance of light color is first developed. Light color is not only the color of the object, but also the light color of the object can reflect the true color and natural color of the object. When appropriate, it can also reflect the color of special products and highlight the beauty of nature.
2, color temperature
Another important manifestation of light color is color temperature. The low color temperature (below 3500K) is just like the time before dusk and the early morning sun rises, making people feel warm, warm, steady and bright red; the medium color temperature (3500~5000K) is just like the fresh morning, making people refreshed and sober; High color temperature (5000K or more) light is like noon time, bright, not tired, and the light blue color gives people a cool feeling, so the color temperature of light color must be appropriate in the lighting environment to produce rich Lighting effect.
2 color temperature
Figure: The color temperature of the changing sun in a day
3, color temperature consistency
One of the most important points in the color temperature of a light source is the consistency of light color, that is, the color temperature and color consistent in the space and time categories.
The first is the color point (u', v') of the LED light source product, without color difference, to meet the consumer's visual requirements and comfort.
As shown in the figure below, the wall-washing lamp on the left has a good color temperature and light color consistency. The wall-washing illumination on the right reflects the large chromatic aberration between the lamps. Obviously in commercial lighting, both The lighting effects reflected are completely different and will affect the psychology of shoppers.
Secondly, the color difference between the color temperature and the color point of the lamp after long time lighting, which involves the reliability of the light source in the temperature environment and the heat dissipation design of the lamp, is one of the key points of the lamp design in LED commercial lighting.
3 LED lighting color difference
Figure: Chromatic aberration of LED lighting: consistency between good (left) and bad (right).
Expressiveness of light
The third characteristic of an excellent LED lighting source is the "expressive power" or "light quality" of light.
1, color rendering
The primary characteristic of the expressive power of light in an LED illumination source is its ability to express the color of the object, ie, color rendering (CRI). The CRI index is high enough to characterize the natural, natural, fidelity or true color of an object. The following figure depicts the color performance of the same object under different color rendering sources. It is obvious that a good color rendering source (CRI ≥ 80) can represent the natural color of the object.
4 color rendering
Figure: The ability of different color-developing light sources to express the color of the object, left: CRI>80, right: CRI<70.
Experts' recent research on the expression of LED illumination light on object color shows that CRI is proposed for the continuous emission spectrum of blackbody radiation. For the spectral waveforms such as LED light source, the color rendering of light with narrow frequency band is evaluated. The error, so many organizations have recently worked on indicators that can more accurately evaluate the performance of LED light sources.
One of the solutions is the addition of the GAI (Gamut Area Index) full gamut index based on CRI proposed by ASSIST to increase the visual experience to improve the evaluation of color quality. The figure below shows the color performance of the clothing in a shopping mall under the illumination of a high color rendering index (CRI > 80) and a high global index (GAI > 80).
5 commercial lighting
Figure: Commercial lighting: performance of high CRI, high GAI lighting.
2, special color points
Another major feature of the LED light source in commercial lighting 2.0 is the use of special color points to highlight the characteristics and colors of the products according to the refined market products to attract customers and guide the positive consumer psychology of customers.
In the era of commercial lighting 2.0, such as high-grade, or exquisite, or bright, or wedding, or denim clothing, meat, bread, fruit, fresh, vegetables, etc., gold, jewelry, jade, diamonds, etc., mahogany furniture, walls Special quality such as texture and color of the market, such as plates and tableware, can be fully expressed. Let light reflect the "quality" of the product, which is the "light quality" characteristic of the light source.
3, dynamic lighting
Another important manifestation of LED lighting source performance is dynamic lighting. One of the innovations required for Commercial Lighting 2.0 is dynamic, interactive. This is not possible with traditional lighting. It is also a semiconductor lighting device that can quickly establish the interactive relationship between people, buildings, goods and light in commercial space with the characteristics of fast switching, light intensity, color temperature and color change. People-centered, the interaction between people and light, people and goods, and people and the environment, in which smart phones, wearable devices can become interactive windows. Let the dynamic expression of light attract customers to the store and be interested in the goods, thus helping the entity to sell the goods.
Therefore, in commercial lighting 2.0, suitable for the development of the new era, combined with technological innovation, people-oriented LED commercial lighting, with its excellent light, color and expressive features to bring consumers a comfortable sense of the shopping and commercial space. Psychological needs. Shopping in the new era will become an important part of people's enjoyment of life.

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