Sakura overall kitchen interpretation of the new way of life in the future

Shining at the Shanghai International Kitchen Show, the cherry blossom kitchen is widely favored by consumers.

In the past 10 years of home life trends, the popularity of the overall kitchen is quite strong, which is particularly evident in the just-concluded 17th China International Kitchen and Bathroom Facilities Exhibition. This exhibition, which is highly professional and authoritative in Asia, is regarded as the vane of tomorrow's life, attracting a large number of citizens and the media to come and observe. The whole kitchen is one of the most concerned sections. As the mainstream brand in China's overall kitchen era, Sakura's overall kitchen has performed well at the show, and its unique concept and new masterpiece have been welcomed by many consumers.

26 years of professionalism to create an overall optimization solution

Since the birth of the first cherry blossom kitchen in 1986, Cherry Blossom has been striving to explore and break through 26 years, and has created a professional “overall optimization solution” through “design experience, kitchen and electricity integration, manufacturing specialization, The installation process of “satisfying and service-oriented” enhances and ensures the excellent quality of the cherry blossom whole kitchen, allowing consumers to communicate from the first step of communication to planning and design, until the installation is completed, and enjoy the taste life.

At the International Kitchen Show, the Sakura Kitchen displayed three sets of model kitchens, and they were also the star combination of 2012, which fully explained the new way of kitchen life to consumers. One of them, "Lapez", is even more impressive.

"Lapez", the elegant style in the minimalist space

Setting a new height for the modern kitchen, “Lapez” injects an elegant style into the minimalist space, creating a powerful overall cabinet with simple lines, allowing people to experience fashion in a wide space. Enclosed with plenty of storage space behind the oversized doors, a reasonable partition and a variety of drawer combinations ensure an unconstrained experience. The two functional areas of washing and cooking are designed with C-shaped handles and have a strong sense of line. The long stainless steel handle on the high cabinet adds a finishing touch to the large wood grain tones, enhancing the visual impact.

The bright solid wood veneer and mirror-painted cabinet door panel is like a flame in the dark wood grain, which instantly activates the entire kitchen space. This selection of materials not only satisfies the visual beauty, but also reflects the concept of environmental protection (the solid wood veneer material not only has the characteristics of natural wood species, but also effectively avoids excessive deforestation and damage to vegetation). Embedded appliances enrich the kitchen's functions and cater to the trend of kitchen and electricity integration. In addition, the design of the bar on the island and the open shelves of fine porcelain and decorations on the side of the high cabinet reflect the organic integration of technology and function, making the whole set of kitchen cabinets extraordinary.

Embedded appliances embody the era of “kitchen and electric”. The thickening bar extends the kitchen function.

The combination of “food basket + inner pumping” and the giant storage in the kitchen have realized the great use of space.

Heightening and pumping: placed under the embedded appliance, in line with the principle of ergonomics, easy to pick up and place.

Rotating Damping Basket: Greatly Improves Space Utilization Thickened LED Panel Lights: Ideal for modern homes.

The style of the unique "La Peizi", the cool fashion, geometric shape and grandeur in one, the unique details of the design, the whole kitchen is full of rich content, for consumers to interpret the new possibilities of future kitchen life . It was deeply sought after by young people just after its appearance.

National investment is underway to open a new future for wealth

Professional concept, design, manufacturing and service, more importantly, professional products, while achieving excellent response from consumers, the investment activities of the cherry blossom whole kitchen are also very popular. The reputation of Sakura in the consumer, and the professional experience of the cherry blossom kitchen for 26 years, is very attractive to the savvy business people, and the cherry blossom whole kitchen timely release of preferential policy sample discount and cost-effective decoration policy It has demonstrated the strength and sincerity of the cherry blossom whole kitchen to promote investment, attracting many merchants to join, and creating a wealth future with the cherry blossom whole kitchen, so that more consumers across the country can enjoy the ideal realm of taste life.

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