Beijing Daxing Hotel Night Lighting Project

Zhongzhao Lighting Award Lighting Engineering Design Award (outdoor/block, single) outstanding nomination award

Project Name: Beijing Daxing Hotel Night Lighting Project

Reporting unit: Shenzhen Gaoli Te Industrial Co., Ltd.

Project Description

Daxing Hotel is located in the main urban area of ​​Daxing, Beijing, at the intersection of Xingzheng Street and Xingfeng South Street. The location is unique. It is an important building in Daxing. It is hoped that this lighting design will make a comprehensive plan for the lighting of Hejing Building, and then sublimate the overall image of the building.

In modern social life, the urban night scene has become a symbol of social and economic development and technological progress, reflecting the spiritual and material civilization of an urban district. The Daxing Hotel night lighting project was positioned as the key landscape of Daxing District during the general planning. It is important to create a positive image through the illumination to create a positive image of the building and to show the modernity and vitality of the building. The lighting design should reflect and strengthen this pattern based on the visual framework of the structure of the building and the human environment. Create a bright, comfortable, orderly, high-tech outdoor light environment that increases the vibrancy and appeal of the building.

Innovations in lighting design concepts, methods, etc.:

1), superior conditions: stylish, modern shape structure, provides a good light carrier for night lighting; novel, unique design meaning is conducive to the formation of night scene features!

2), the goal: the use of high-tech, energy-saving lighting source, combined with architectural fashion, modern shape and structure features, fully tap the potential of its lighting performance, create a bright, comfortable, high-tech outdoor light environment, highlighting the personality characteristics of the building and Artistic beauty, technology and humanistic connotation of sublimation architecture!

3), using LED digital tube to outline the building outline, the color brick part of the top of the building, through the color-changing lamps and the upper and lower two-layer LED digital tube to express the artistic beauty and contemporary sense of the building.

4) The overall flooding and partial flooding parts show the tall and straight feeling of the building, and highlight the importance of the building in a relatively dark environment.

5) Partial flooding at the entrance, showing the intimacy of the building through the contrast of light and dark.

6) The facade is decorated with LED starlights, which means prosperity and integration with Daxing's “Xing” character.

7) The courtyard is equipped with an improved Hua Deng, which is consistent with the overall design concept. A lighting environment that combines functionality and art.

Energy saving measures in lighting design:

In today's increasingly scarce energy sources, green and environmentally-friendly energy-saving products are gradually being promoted by people, and the lighting industry is still prominent. By using energy-efficient electric light sources, high-efficiency lighting fixtures and lighting control equipment, etc. The installation power of the lighting load saves electricity for lighting, thereby reducing environmental pollution. The energy saving measures are as follows:

1) Adjust the number and time of lighting;

2), selecting a light source with high luminous efficiency;

3) Use clean, environmentally friendly lamps;

4), select high-quality and efficient lamps - LED lamps;

5) Detect and adjust the output voltage of all transformers so that the output voltage is rated. If it cannot be turned down, the power saver can be used for step-down energy saving;

6), reduce the loss on the power supply line;

In the program, we will vigorously promote the "green lighting project", make full use of new technologies and the latest scientific research results, improve energy efficiency, and establish a high-quality, efficient, economical, comfortable and safe lighting environment.

4. What new technologies, new materials, new equipment, and new processes are used in the design:

1) Adopt a central control system.

2) A large number of LED lamps are used, which conforms to the concept of green and environmental protection lighting.

3) Use light-proof, waterproof, acid-proof floodlighting fixtures.

What environmental safety measures are used in lighting design:

We strictly follow the international and domestic advanced lighting design concepts and lighting design methods, combined with the natural environment and geographical location of the building, and ensure the architectural lighting technical indicators meet the international environmental standards, in the overall lighting selection. , the form of the lamp, the choice of light source, etc., meet the following requirements:

1. Avoid using exposed installation methods. All lamps should be installed with good concealment, without affecting the appearance. At the same time, it is equipped with imported light source, which makes the illumination color more in line with the design standard, and has strong stability and is not easily affected by the external environment ( The effects of sand, lightning, rain, electricity) ensure normal use.

2, effective control of light pollution, in addition to the aesthetic aspects of the luminaire to coordinate with the building, in the light source illumination, etc. should also consider different atmospheres, different effects of the different light sources used. At the same time, according to the influence of light on visual perception in ergonomics, the light intensity, the spatial position of the light source, the illumination angle of the light, etc. are determined, and the influence of glare and the reflection of surrounding materials on the human vision is avoided, thereby eliminating the resulting Safety hazards such as human discomfort.

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