Discuss some issues related to the promotion of LED lights

It has been reported that 170-inch LED street lamps piloted two years ago in a section of Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, have all been broken, the service life is far from expected, and the energy-saving effect is not obvious.

In recent years, many departments and local governments in China have promoted LED lighting. When the large amount of capital is invested in the promotion of LED lighting, which technical fields are mature and worth promoting? Is the effect of LED street lights exposed to problems in the end? What issues need to be solved to promote LED lights? The reporter conducted an investigation and interview.

Question 1: Why did the pilot LED street lights in Nanjing fail to meet expectations?

[Investigation] Improper driving technology affects life; energy saving is not as high as high-pressure sodium lamp, the price is twice as high

Due to the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, LED lighting is not included in the “Ten Cities and Ten Thousand” lighting project organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology. In recent years, LED street lights have been piloted.

Talking about the problem of LED streetlights on the exposed road sections, Liu Lei, deputy chief engineer of the street lighting department of Nanjing Urban Management Bureau, said, "At that time, from a dozen brands, we chose a Taiwan-funded enterprise LED street lamp with quality and price at a medium level. The price is 6,000 yuan." "The manufacturer's warranty for 5 years, that batch of LED street lights due to driving, that is, the technology of transformer rectifier is not mature, the life of the components such as electrolytic capacitors used, only one or two year."

So, what is the energy saving effect of the LED street light on this section? According to Liu Lei, in 2010, the overall lighting effect of LED street lights in Nanjing Jiefang Road was 70-80 lumens/watt, 6000 yuan, while the high-efficiency sodium lamp used usually has a luminous efficiency of about 90 lumens/watt and 2,000 yuan. From the situation at the time, LED street lamps are not cost-effective. However, with the advancement of technology, the price of LED street lamps has dropped by nearly half.

"In terms of LED street lights, Nanjing is no worse than other cities in the same time. It can only be said that according to the technical level at that time, it is not yet time to replace the high-pressure sodium lamps with LED lights." Liu Lei said.

Question 2: How is the LED light used?

[Investigation] LED lighting technology for landscape lighting and indoor lighting is more mature

LED illumination (semiconductor illumination) refers to the illumination method using light emitTIng diode as the light source. It is called the third light source revolution and has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, long life, rich color and vibration resistance. It has a wide range of applications and was first used as an indicator and signal light. It is now widely used in landscape lighting, automotive lights, backlights, general lighting and other fields. Among them, general lighting can be divided into indoor lighting (office, home, shopping mall, hotel, etc.) and outdoor lighting (roads, squares, tunnels, etc.). In theory, LED lighting efficiency is 120 lumens / watt, in the future can reach 250 lumens / watt, much higher than the previous two generations of light source; light source life is 50,000 hours, lamp life reached 25,000 - 30,000 hours, equivalent to the first generation 25 times the light source (such as incandescent lamp), about 5 times of the second generation light source (such as fluorescent lamp, household energy-saving lamp, high-pressure sodium lamp).

In the field of general lighting, which type of LED lamp technology is more mature? Zibo, deputy secretary-general of National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering R&D and Industry Alliance, told reporters that LED lighting has been developed from low power, high-power lighting such as LED street lights (100 watts or more), indoor and commercial indoor LED lights (below 30 watts) The technology is relatively more mature and suitable for promotion. However, qualified products for indoor LED lighting must be at least 40 yuan / baht, higher than fluorescent energy-saving lamps. The state should increase subsidies and promote universal access.

Li Yiwu, inspector of the Nanjing Urban Management Bureau, told reporters that in Nanjing, about 85% of the landscape lights are LED lights. "LED can directly realize color lighting, plus landscape lighting is generally a small power lamp. The technology is mature and widely used. Street lighting is generally a high-power lamp, and the technical integration is difficult."

Yang Haifeng, vice chairman of the Nanjing Lighting Association, calculated an account: comparing 35-watt ordinary spotlights, 4.2-watt LED lights can achieve the same lighting effect, assuming 5 hours a day, saving 56.2 degrees a year. For example, a 0.8 yuan per kilowatt can save 44.96 yuan.

Yan Jun, executive deputy secretary-general of the National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering R&D and Industry Alliance, said that many countries are vigorously promoting LED lighting. For example, South Korea proposed to implement 30% of the nation's lamps as LED lights by the end of 2012; the United States subsidies through various state power companies. To promote LED lighting. However, unlike the domestic promotion of LED street lamps, in developed countries, residents have high consumption power and the home lighting market is developing rapidly; while infrastructure construction such as roads has been completed, and municipal procurement is less.


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