Exploring the wiring technology of car audio system

Since the car will generate various frequency interference during the driving process, it will adversely affect the listening environment of the car audio system, so this requires us to have higher requirements for the installation and wiring of the car audio system.

First, the choice of car audio wiring

The smaller the resistance of the car audio cable, the less power is consumed on the wire, and the higher the efficiency of the system. Even if the wire is very thick, a certain amount of power is lost due to the speaker itself, and the efficiency of the entire system is not 100%.

The smaller the resistance of the wire, the larger the damping coefficient; the larger the damping coefficient, the greater the residual vibration of the horn.

The larger the cross-sectional area of ​​the wire (the thicker), the smaller the resistance, and the larger the tolerance current value of the wire, the greater the power allowed to be output.

The choice of power insurance, the closer the fuse box of the main power line is to the car battery connector, the insurance value can be determined according to the formula, the insurance value = (the sum of the total rated power of each amplifier of the system &TImes; 2) / the average voltage of the car power supply value.

Second, the wiring of the audio signal line

Tighten the audio signal cable connector with insulating tape or heat-shrink tubing to ensure insulation. When the connector is in contact with the vehicle body, noise can be generated.

Keep the audio signal line as short as possible. The longer the audio signal line, the more susceptible it is to interference from various frequency signals in the car. Note: If you can't shorten the length of the audio signal cable, the extra long part should be folded instead of rolled up.

The wiring of the audio signal line should be at least 20cm away from the power supply line of the driving computer module circuit and the power amplifier. If the wiring is too close, the audio signal line picks up the noise of the frequency interference. It is best to separate the audio signal cable from the power cable on both sides of the driver's seat and the passenger's seat. Note that when wiring close to the power line and microcomputer circuit, the audio signal lines must be more than 20cm away from them. If the audio signal lines and power lines need to cross each other, we recommend intersecting at 90°.

Third, the wiring of the power cord

The current capacity value of the selected power line should be equal to or greater than the value of the fuse connected to the amplifier. If a lower-standard wire is used as the power cord, AC noise is generated and the sound quality is severely broken. The power cord may burn and burn.

When powering multiple amplifiers separately with one power line, the length from the separation point to each power amplifier wiring should be as much as possible. When the power line is bridged, a potential difference will appear between each power amplifier. This potential difference will cause AC noise, which will seriously damage the sound quality. When the host is powered directly from the power supply, it reduces noise and improves sound quality.

Thoroughly remove the dirt from the battery connector and tighten the connector. If the power connector is dirty or not tightened, the connector will be in poor contact. The presence of a choke resistor can cause AC noise, which can seriously damage the sound quality. Use sandpaper and fine flakes to remove dirt from the joints while wiping the butter.

When wiring in an automotive power system, avoid routing wires near the generator and ignition, and generator noise and ignition noise can radiate into the power line. When the original installed spark plug and spark plug cable are replaced with a high performance type, the ignition spark is stronger and the ignition noise is more likely to occur.

The principles followed by the power cord and the audio cable in the body are the same.

Fourth, the method of grounding

Use fine sandpaper to remove the paint from the grounding point of the car body and fix the ground wire tightly. If the paint remains between the body and the ground, the grounding point will have a contact resistance. Similar to the dirty battery connector described above, contact resistance can cause AC noise, which can seriously damage the sound quality.

Focus the grounding of the various audio equipment in the audio system at one point. If they are not grounded a little, the potential difference between the components of the sound will cause noise. (Note: The main unit and amplifier should be grounded separately.)

When the system consumes a large amount of current, the battery ground must be secure. The method of improving the grounding performance of the power supply is to use a thick-diameter wire, such as a strand, between the power supply and the ground. This enhances the connection, effectively suppressing noise and improving sound quality.

Do not approach the wiring of the computer. Keep in mind that driving computer noise can occur when the grounding point of the main unit is close to the grounding point or fixed point of the driving computer.

In addition, all the wires and audio cables for wiring in the car must be equipped with a special sheath for the car.

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