Analysis on the Development Types of Epoch LED Dimming Technology System

LED dimming is best done with PWM dimming. When PWM dimming is used, a simple PWM generator can be installed in the wall switch, and then the potentiometer is used to control the PWM working ratio to achieve dimming. But if you want to turn the lights on and off, you need to add a pair of lines. Therefore, it is not compatible with the leads of the thyristor switches in the original wall. The original thyristor switch has only two leads, which can be dimmed and switched. This advantage is difficult to be compatible. However, in fact, the most commonly used dimming fixtures are desk lamps or stand-up lamps. Those dimmer switches are installed on the power line and not in the wall. It does not matter if you want to use the two leads in the wall. In other words, PWM dimming can be directly applied to dimming lamps.

Sectional switch dimming

A Taiwanese company has introduced a four-stage switch dimming called EZ-Dimming's GM6182, which is a good solution. It can realize 4 sections of dimming only by using the ordinary light switch on the wall. The first time is full light, the second time is 60% brightness, the third time is 40% brightness, the fourth time is 20% brightness. brightness. The advantage of this system is that dimming can be achieved with ordinary wall switches. And its power factor is as high as 0.92 or more. There are no concerns about interference signals. The disadvantage is that continuous dimming is not possible. There are also some troublesome operations.

Remote dimming

Dimming the LED with an infrared remote control. This is of course the most ideal solution. Switching lights can be implemented, and continuous dimming with PWM. The disadvantage is that the cost is high, there is no uniform specification, and it can only be used in high-end residential buildings.

In fact, we should come back and think about what the main purpose of dimming should be. All the aforementioned dimming purposes are aimed at satisfying people who need different light intensity in different situations. For example, when watching TV, it may be darker, and it may be brighter when reading. These are mostly in the home. Few offices, shopping malls, factories, and schools have dimming lights installed. Moreover, most of these places are equipped with fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, and it is impossible to perform dimming or continuous dimming.

Epoch-making dimming for energy saving

Since humans have realized that they must do everything possible to save energy and reduce emissions, and then solve the urgent problem of atmospheric warming, how to reduce lighting power is an important issue mentioned on the agenda. Because lighting electricity accounts for 20% of total energy consumption. Fortunately, there are LEDs that are energy efficient. LEDs are more than 5 times more energy efficient than incandescent lamps. They are also about twice as energy-efficient as fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps. They are not as mercury-containing as fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps. If you can also use dimming to save energy, it is also a very important means of energy saving. But in the past, all light sources are not easy to achieve dimming, and easy dimming is a big advantage of LED. Because in many occasions, there is no need to turn on the lights or at least not necessarily bright, but the lights are very bright, such as street lights from midnight to dawn; the lights in the cars when the subway cars drive from underground to the suburbs; more common Fluorescent lights in offices, schools, factories, etc., which are close to the window when the sun is shining, are still there. These places don't know how much power to waste every day! In the past, because high-pressure sodium lamps, fluorescent lamps, ceiling lamps, and energy-saving lamps could not be dimmed at all, they can only be counted. Now that you switch to LEDs, you can dim it freely, and this power can be saved. Therefore, for lamp dimming, dimming on the home wall is not the main application, and the market is small. On the contrary, on-demand dimming of street lamps, offices, shopping malls, schools, and factories is a more important occasion. Not only is the market huge, but it is also energy-saving. What is needed for these occasions is not manual dimming but automatic dimming and intelligent dimming.

Street light dimming

In general, street lights are of little use until midnight, so the usual practice is to turn off the lights or turn on half the brightness after 12 o'clock. But the most reasonable approach is to control the brightness of the street lights based on traffic flow, or even fully adaptively control the brightness.

In order to achieve this kind of intelligent dimming , it is actually very simple. As long as the curve of the traffic flow statistics in this area is input to a single-chip microcomputer, the dimming signal of the PWM is given according to this curve to the constant current driving source.

Photosensitive automatic dimming LED light

In order to reduce unnecessary illumination in strong sunlight, a photosensitive auto-dimming LED fluorescent lamp (or any other LED luminaire) can be used.

The function of the light-sensitive element is to feel the surrounding sunlight. If the daylight is stronger, a PWM signal is output to all LED lamps (such as LED fluorescent lamps) close to the daylight, and their brightness is dimmed. A dimming signal generator can adjust many LED luminaires as long as they have a constant current drive source with a PWM dimming control interface. The efficiency of this dimming system itself is as high as 92% or more. And there is no compatibility issue with wall thyristor dimming lines. This fully automatic adaptive energy-saving dimming is simply impossible for any fluorescent tube, energy-saving lamp, high-pressure sodium lamp and other gas discharge tubes, but it is the best for LED lamps.

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