September Computer Industry Market Report

September Computer Industry Market Report I. The price trend of the computer industry in China • The price index of computer hardware fell by 2.06 points In September 2013, the price index of the computer industry was 83.70 points, which was 2.06 points lower than that in July, and the computer price in the third quarter The index showed a trend of rising first and then decreasing. From the perspective of several product lines involved, the average market price for this month was 5632 yuan for notebook computers, 2267 yuan for tablet computers, 4796 yuan for desktop computers, and 6494 yuan for one computer.

Second, China's notebook computer market price index trends • Notebook PC price index fell 0.74 points In September 2013, the notebook PC price index was 93.02 points, down 0.74 points compared with the previous month. From the trend of the laptop price index, the laptop price index continued to decline from April to September 2013.

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