The main market range of LED fluorescent tubes

In the LED lighting market, outdoor lighting and public lighting are the largest markets for LED lighting. Home lighting and commercial lighting are also gradually expanding. Office lighting projects can be said to use LED lighting fixtures later, while LED fluorescent tubes are office lighting. The most used LED lighting fixtures in engineering.
If the large space of the office is changed to LED lighting, the LED fluorescent tube is replaced by the grille lamp. Because the LED fluorescent lamp is better than other LED lighting fixtures, it is better for the staff who stay in the office for a long time. In terms of comparison, it is possible to reduce the work and improve work efficiency.
One-time replacement, the cost is relatively high, which is the main reason why LED fluorescent tubes have not been popularized in the field of office lighting. In fact, if LED lighting fixtures are not replaced in the office, the energy-saving efficiency is high, and the time for returning to the paper is not long. 2 It can be completed in three years. Two or three years later, the operating cost of LED lighting is much less than that of an office that does not use traditional lighting.
It is gratifying to note that the proportion of LED fluorescent tubes used in newly renovated office buildings and their lighting systems is increasing. If there is an office space to replace the original traditional lighting fixtures, there is still a long way to go.
The brightness of LED fluorescent tubes is especially softer and more acceptable. The service life is 30,000-50,000 hours. The power supply voltage is AC85V-260V (AC). It does not need a starter and ballast. It has fast start-up, low power, no stroboscopic, and it is not easy to see fatigue. It is not only super energy saving but also more environmentally friendly. It is currently the main product to replace traditional fluorescent lamps.

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