10826 samples tell you the future of Internet TV

A few years ago, the sudden emergence of smart phones and tablets, let us spend more time on these small, lightweight, more intelligent mobile devices. However, in the last two years, the rise of Internet TV, many people have turned their attention back to the living room.

Controversy will always exist. Some people say that the screen is a natural advantage of Internet TV, and the perception experience is not small; others say that mobile devices are portable, and the main battlefield of the future video is still the discussion and industry of smart phones and tablet computers. In the transformation of the fog that comes suddenly, we want to understand, what will the future of Internet TV be? Where are the real needs of the user? What development strategies should major companies adopt?

The Tencent Technology Penguin Cool Cool section has launched an Internet TV user behavior survey to collect and analyze 10,826 survey samples to tell you about a possible future for Internet TV.

(Note: As the survey is sampled via the Internet, the conclusion is closer to the choice of netizens, that is, the largest potential consumer groups of Internet TV.)

Internet TV no longer unfamiliar Super 40% of respondents said "look often"

Of the 10,826 surveyed netizens, 43.3% of those surveyed said that they regularly use Internet TV, and 24.6% of the respondents use it occasionally, which means that 67.9% of respondents use Internet TV, and only 6.3. % of the respondents said they have not heard of Internet TV.

This set of data shows that Internet TV has gradually moved from the initial geek and niche products to a more mature mass consumer market.

TV Shows: Internet TV User Favorites

The hardware threshold of Internet TV is actually not high, and content is what the major Internet TV manufacturers really should pay attention to. According to the survey results, 67% of netizens use Internet TV to watch movies and TV programs such as TV shows, which are far ahead of other categories of video.

User's time distribution is more fragmented
From this group of surveys, it can be seen that the user's time is relatively even, but among the people who use Internet TV, more than 50% of users watch more than 2 hours a day. This may give Internet TV makers a question: How to choose content and satisfy users' viewing needs for more than two hours?

Internet TV: Forget about the Internet and focus on "TV" first

Internet TV is no longer simply a television product, but has more extended features, including playing games, karaoke, funny short video and so on. However, 63.9% of those surveyed said that they prefer to see high-definition and ultra-clear movies on Internet TV. This shows that Internet TV still needs to focus on the essential functions of television, not other outreach functions.

Another 18.5% of users said that as long as the resources on the TV can be seen, they will not be seen on other mobile devices and computers.

As a manufacturer, the importance of "pure" TV content has been self-evident.

Nearly 40% of users’ purchase needs come from "screen big"

Why do you buy Internet TV? Of the 10,000 respondents, 39% said that Internet television screens are an important reason for their purchases. After all, the sensory experience brought by large screens cannot be brought by PCs, smart phones, and tablet computers. Another 22.4% of respondents said that software and content are also free of charge.

Policy and after-sales users are most worried
Although Internet TV has been well-known to the general public, it has not become a popular product like a smart phone or a traditional TV. In this survey, 42.7% of users are worried that the policy has changed. They bought TV without seeing the program they wanted to watch. 33.3% were skeptical about the after-sales service of Internet TV, and users who did not trust quality also achieved. 28%.

Conclusion: In 2015, how to make a good internet TV

In terms of function, Internet TV still has to follow the concept of "doing essential functions well." After all, the Internet is only an attribute, television is the subject, and eventually it is necessary to return to television to watch programs. Playing games, karaoke, etc. can only be regarded as " Value-added features."
In terms of content selection, Internet TV users are most concerned with obtaining a better experience than PCs, smart phones, and tablet PCs. The prerequisite for obtaining a high-quality experience is to ensure that there are enough rich content. High-definition movies, TV shows and other film and television programs, news videos, variety videos, etc. to be assisted.

In the Internet world, most products follow the "free" iron rule. Internet TV is no exception. Users are already accustomed to free Internet products. They cannot be charged because the platform migrates from mobile phones and tablets to TVs. Internet TV manufacturers should also consider how to achieve a win-win situation with advertisers and customers.

Internet TV as an emerging product, reputation, brand has not yet been fully established, this time who can do more assured quality and after-sales, who is more likely to stand out in the television "living room large" competition.

The policy is not that Internet TV manufacturers can influence, but manufacturers should be prepared in advance to establish a more solid and extensive cooperation relationship with suitable licensees to ensure that there will be no "sudden death" in content and policy.
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