Set-top box beauty contest, appearance association to see over!

The time rushed and passed away in 2014. Although in 2014 the TV box suffered a besieged radio and television policy, it was not easy to go down this year, but it still can't stop the colorful, grotesque, distinctive TV boxes. Encirclement, gorgeous launch. The following Xiao Bian simply from the box packaging, appearance, remote control, UI design and other aspects to review with everyone, in 2014 those exciting boxes.
First, the unexpected box <br> today's TV box after another, in addition to the great concern of the TV box itself appearance, configuration, performance, TV box packaging also gradually pay attention to it, the package can do puzzles, can open in all directions Wait, come on.
Hisense Box PX1900 Hisense Box PX1900's box snowflake hidden mechanism, after the expansion is similar to a rainbow swatches, snowflake can do puzzles! At the same time the child can buy a box of more than one toy, the box also avoids being directly thrown away This design is really good!

Seven V
Packaging box may open sides, left and right opposing first black cover; then the blue before and after insertion of cardboard, after landing four, seven and a remote controller Instance V stands firmly on a base. The base is tailored to the size seven V and the remote controller, and a corresponding up and down, to ensure a good stability in the packaging box and the remote box to. The upper base is fixed on the cardboard on the top, while the lower base is alive. After removal, the accessories box hidden inside is exposed.

Lynx Lynx Box Box New <br> new product packaging is used in drawing the design, various accessories placed inside can be said is the result of clever design. Power lines, high-definition cable, a battery, a remote controller and so have their own "Guige", no longer place to place "Rovers" a.

Skyworth box M300
Skyworth Box M300 does not use the conventional box style. Instead, it adopts an asymmetrical box with a red gap between the lids of the box. It looks very nice. It can be seen that the outer packaging is also well-designed. of.

Comments <br> Did not think of the TV box packaging box is also concerned about this, although the packaging box and the product's experience has nothing to do, but a product gives people the first look is very important, packaging box as a product packaging, no need It's extravagant, but it requires a lot of creativity or innovation to get extra points for its products.
Second, let your amazing appearance <br> Has been committed to the TV box design of a lot of manufacturers, there are so many every year we look very distinctive TV box, of course, is no exception in 2014, let's take a look .

Mango Tower A01
Mango tower, blue spire, black matte body. It is divided into three layers, with a blue light in the spire and a silver metal belt in the middle, which is quite fashionable. The body is also equipped with speakers for Bluetooth audio and cooling holes for heat dissipation.

UT eggs <br> As the name implies, UT eggs are named after their body design, the whole body is an egg shape, the body is a white matte surface.

Hisense <br> Hisense box is divided into three layers. The upper layer adopts double injection molding process, which is crystal clear. The middle layer adopts a two-color smart design, which displays a purple charm in standby mode and a shiny blue color when turned on. The lower layer is made of natural rubber paint and feels good.

Seven V

Seven V is a black translucent matte plastic box, removable, the upper third is a seven-V real body, the lower two-thirds is a storage box. The storage box had red cracks, and the seven-V cord came through the storage box and came out of the red crack and became very neat.

Youku CIBN Rubik <br> Youku Rubik's Cube is a 808080mm plastic square box. The front of the three facades are 1/2 smooth paint design, and the rest of the surface is matte surface, plus matte surface than the paint surface Slightly higher than one side, so the entire product shape is a realistic cube. The corner of the box made up of three paint surfaces resembles a prism and can be used directly as a mirror.

With the cloud can <br> This is a TV box has been exquisitely decorated, round and full of shiny body line a little Mac host feel, texture is quite good.

Smart my box <br> Smart box rectangular shape, angular, coupled with the impressive color of malachite green, external small antenna, malachite green and black, really different. The box cooling vent design, the bottom is an inverted triangle.

Magic Bo Bo M3 M3 magic box <br> changed in the past placed supine way the box, with a box base, convenient box placed vertically. The base is small, but it has a metal weight and non-slip mats on both sides.

Lynx Box 1S

The spraying process of the Lynx Box 1S is more refined, the texture is significantly enhanced, and the back is replaced with black polished plastic, which is solid and solid. It is worth mentioning that the head of the comet is very smart because of its round shape, smooth texture, and the tip of the nose that will breathe.

Lynx Box New <br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br The top is a ABS plastic material that has been treated with a matte finish. The cat design on the box surface is quite cute and the whole box looks more stylish.

Mango å—¨ Q M3
The mango å—¨ Q M3 box is designed with a cobblestone shape, giving the overall impression of being very light and smart. Fine workmanship, at the same time, the design is sleek and exquisite, with exquisite craftsmanship to separate the key from the fuselage.

Youku K1
The overall appearance of the Youku K1 TV box is black, but the logo of Youku's logo is colored and prominent.

Mango å—¨ Q H7 II <br> caters to many people's "local tyrants" mentality, the overall use of champagne gold, all-metal body.

Shadow Energy E11
The silver paint surface is very metallic, translucent frame design, the top of the LOGO is bronzing drawing, three-dimensional convex character design, highlights the personality! Shadow E11 box with Teflon non-slip foot pad design, the official website can be in the 45 degree inclined surface Firmly placed on.

Mortimer D8
It is made of engineering plastic materials. The top of the fuselage adopts wire drawing technology. The overall design is simple, and the overall arc design is used for the appearance.

Huijiejia C705

The front design is narrow and wide, and the bottom is streamlined. It's very beautiful.

Comments <br> According to research, under the same configuration, the appearance will become the purchasing power, the user's first preference, and often 67% of the proportion of consumer behavior. At the same time, with the increasing availability of Internet TV set-top boxes, how to allow users to “pay attention” to the sales of their products in the shipping box is a prerequisite.
We can find that the boxes in 2014 are basically 70% of the boxes are small boxes. This technology can make the box smaller, and it is also a box as a fast-moving consumer goods. In the market, the user's choice, compared to the past The expansion of the box, the enlargement of packaging, and the promotion of high-value product consumption concepts for users are being replaced by more concise, small, and exquisite consumer perceptions.

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