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With the continuous improvement of technology, household appliances are becoming more and more intelligent. Take the television that is closely related to our lives. Nowadays, with the popularity of intelligence, watching videos and playing games on TV is no longer a difficult task. In addition, many intelligent terminal devices nowadays have also added intelligent APP programs for the control of televisions, allowing users to control the television into a new era. Next, I recommend several smart TVs that can be viewed, played, and controlled with smart devices. Interested friends can look at them.

The joint promotion activities of home appliance manufacturers have become commonplace, but now some manufacturers have customized machines for the e-commerce platform. Users can enjoy cheaper prices at this merchant. Changhong LED48C2JDi is a 48-inch Andrews smart TV, the aircraft's biggest feature is designed specifically for Jingdong, 1080p resolution, not only configuration superior, feature-rich, you can also go to Jingdong browsing shopping. At present, Jingdong’s aircraft is priced at 2,799 yuan. Although it is less than double 11, it is also a relatively low price recently.

Appearance, Changhong LED48C2JDi uses a ultra-narrow frame shape. Around the rose gray lines outlined the outline of the whole machine, metal brushing process elegant texture, unique boat base modeling novel and stylish. Due to the use of a direct type LED side light source, the machine's lines are simple and light, with a great sense of design.

In terms of hardware, Changhong LED48C2JDi is equipped with a top-end Cortex-A9 dual-core GPU, which ensures smooth and stable operation and connection to the network, and enhances the user experience. The built-in 802.11n wireless Wi-Fi module is equivalent to its own wireless network card, so that the TV can get rid of the shackles of the cable, and the Internet is freer whenever and wherever possible.

In terms of software, Changhong LED48C2JDi uses Android UTV Plus intelligent system based on Android 4.0 system depth customization. It is specially customized for smart TVs. The fully open platform is fully compatible with existing Android apps, and the system optimized for deeper optimization is faster and the system is more stable and compatible. More powerful. The newly designed UI breaks through the traditional network icon layout, which is in line with the user's viewing habits and operational needs. It also provides one-touch direct access to the Jingdong Mall function, and online shopping breaks through the limits.

In terms of functions, Changhong LED48C2JDi cooperates with BesTV, users can watch the vast TV drama series of BesTV platform and watch the latest movies and TV series for free. The multi-screen flying enjoyment function has been fully upgraded to support Android and iOS systems for mobile phones and tablet computers. On the large-screen TVs, you can see great videos and pictures of mobile phones and tablets, and the screens are bigger and more fun.
Interfaces, Changhong LED48C2JDi provides two USB ports, two HDMI interfaces and color components, AV video, audio, VGA and other common interfaces to meet user needs. In particular, an HDMI 2.0 interface is provided to facilitate the connection of 4K devices.

LeTV TV Super TV X50 Air
I am a singer in the third quarter of Hunan Satellite TV hit the big coffee this season gathered to see a lot. A careful audience may have noticed that I am a singer in the third quarter whether it is on-site or in the studio, television (parametric picture articles) are all LeTV's super TV. LeTV is the first Internet brand to be involved in television. It is currently one of the most successful brands. In particular, the concept of Super TV has opened the eyes of many users who have never contacted smart TVs. This music as TV Super TV X50 Air full version now Jingdong price 4469 yuan, although the price and configuration slightly higher art version is flat, but one to Jingdong presented a one-year service fee, secondly, the full version of the official website has been under In general, shelves are more suitable for TV content-focused users.

LeTV TV Super TV X50 Air full version uses a black plastic frame technology, the whole thickness of only 19.4mm, and has a very narrow border 6.9mm, both to ensure solid and durable, while the use of hexagonal screws and diamond cutting process also take into account Low-key and restrained industrial design style. Although the back of the fully-equipped version uses a common black material, it is still full of texture and has a heat vent above the back. The TV base adopts a delicate new cloud arc design. The newly designed arc base of the new cloud maintains the original crescent-shaped design while adding a more solid embedded triangular fulcrum design, allowing the entire TV to be suspended, giving it a hint of mystery. .

In terms of content, LeTV Super TV is definitely a major presence. In addition to the giant Sony in the industry, television companies also have their own movie companies, which is LeTV. The contents of the movie and TV dramas are guaranteed, and there is absolutely no scarcity of other brands of smart TVs. They can only go home ten years ago. The situation of the movie.

Nowadays, 4K is the standard for large-screen TVs. The 4K war has spread to 50 oysters. This music TV super TV X50 Air full version will also use a 4K resolution screen, the same is 4K, smaller screen size represents a larger ppi, the quality can be more delicate.
LeTV TV Super X50 Air is fully equipped with Mstar 6A918 quad-core chip, supports H.265 format 4K decoding, removes terminal barriers for 4K content popularity, and 2GB memory guarantees smooth and smooth running speed and multi-desktop switching and video playback capabilities .

LeTV TV Super TV X50 Air full version uses the latest LetvUI3.0, based on Android4.3 deep customization LetvUI 3.0 smart TV operating system is updated every week, tailored to LeTV Super TV tailored every detail, wholeheartedly create the ultimate user Experience, timely delivery of the latest video resources for users.

LeTV TV Super TV X50 Air full version supports 3D display technology, TV more 3D movie area, with 2 pairs of 3D glasses, allowing users to enjoy the sense of presence in the 3D theater at home. The standard super-social remote control supports the control of the TV through the touchpad, voice control, and gravity sensing. It is easy to use when you tap the "share" button on the social platform.

Edit Comment: Letv's LetvUI function is very powerful, can meet a variety of user needs, while 4K screen with 4K source is even more powerful. Of course, the biggest competitiveness is still in the content of the video, relying on its own LeTV industry, a variety of large-scale program carousel and film and television drama on demand, coupled with the strong performance of LeTV sports, definitely a cool look.

Product model music as TV Super TV X50 Air full version

Konka LED50X8800U

Wu Mei Niang legend is being broadcast, Fan Bingbing's stunning appearance is really seductive, even if the SARFT high amputation, it is still unstoppable style. Konka LED50X8800U is a high-end positioning LCD TV, in addition to high-end TV necessary 4K screen and super configuration, this TV also achieved an ultimate appearance, 1.28cm thickness is absolutely fiber in the LCD TV Thin. Although the price of 7,999 yuan, for a 50-inch oyster lip guessing, but after all, is the TV personally selected by Fan Ye, the effect is absolutely guaranteed.

The appearance of Konka LED50X8800U is quite distinctive. The LCD TVs on the market are mostly made of plastic material. The backplanes made of metal materials are quite rare for cost reasons. Konka LED50X8800U has taken the initiative to adopt the popular glass tempered glass backplane, not only reduce the backplane thickness to 3mm, but also reduce the overall thickness of the TV. In addition, full lamination technology and CNC stamping integrated metal frame all reflect the unique design style and exquisite manufacturing process. In addition, Konka LED50X8800U using the traditional "squeak" technology, the whole machine is only 5 screws fixed, increased solidity, but also to ensure the ultimate thickness of 1.28cm. The elegant and elegant Victory gold-plated base lines elegant atmosphere, complementing the golden body.

In terms of picture quality, Konka LED50X8800U is equipped with Konka's exclusive 4K color wheel technology, and through 12Bit color processing, 68.6 billion colors will be restored, and the full color domain will be presented. According to professional estimates, Konka's Easy TV 4K TV 12Bit color processing, color display is 64 times the normal 4K TV 10Bit. At the same time when watching 1080p video and lower resolution video, Konka LED50X8800U TV can "automatically recognize" the signal source's sharpness "in a timely manner", and realize full signal 2K to 4K through 3D correlation compensation technology. All true, full screen, perfect point to point presentation The 4K image eliminates the card frame and smear phenomenon caused by the point-to-point restoration of ordinary 4K TVs.

In addition, compared to traditional LCD panels using RGB (red, green, and blue) three-primary-pixel technology, the Konka LED50X8800U's 4-color 4K LCD screen adds white light and improves brightness and color. The backlight modules of Konka Easy TV 4K products are independently developed and designed by Konka. They adopt a new generation of high-range LED backlight groups, which are small in size and high in luminous efficiency. With a 4-color 4K screen, the color expression of the image is fully enhanced. In addition, Easy TV slim uses a new generation of "MS light guide plate + reflector + prismatic refraction + DBEF polarized light incremental film" technology to enhance the transparency, effectively enhance the brightness of 25%, not only improves the luminous efficiency, but also promote the whole machine more Save energy, reduce losses, and extend the life of the unit.

Konka, Youku, and Guangdong's "terminal + content + license" strategic cooperation model will allow Konka LED50X8800U to provide users with high-quality, massively-compliant video content in the context of policy tightening. At the same time, Konka LED50X8800U has the world's largest video game platform for gamers, Tencent Games. Currently, there are many games on the line. Both are high-end games with hundreds of millions of users, and the game content is constantly being upgraded, increased, and updated.

Konka LED50X8800U is equipped with the latest upgraded YIUI Yiyou 3.0 professional TV control system from Konka. YIUI Yiyou 3.0 is sought after by the market in a customizable manner, massive content, and leading iterative updates. YIUI Yi grapefruit 3.0 innovative added the "call bar" function, global control, a key to exhale. In particular, the live kanban of the interface, each live presentation frame can be customized privately to facilitate the user to select frequently-watched channels; the video directly hits, and the one-touch direct-view page is viewed; the polymedia function can realize the external media equipment resources. Automatic classification; Rubik's Cube engine, is a perfect companion for hardcore XBOX console players.

Edit Comment: Konka LED50X8800U noble appearance of the atmosphere, 4K ultra-high-definition screen picture quality, the new upgraded YIUI 3.0 system is easy to use, local gold color is particularly set off against Tyrant's lavish temperament, Fan Ye endorsement of the product, the effect should be good. Users who have high-end TV needs can consider it.

Product Model Konka LED50X8800U

TCL LE50D8900

TCL LE50D8900 TV is TCL launched a large-screen smart TV, hardware configuration is tough, the aircraft is currently priced at 3799 yuan, there is a need for users can seize the time to see.

The TCL LE50D8900 TV is equipped with an Android 4.0+ system. The fully open intelligent application platform provides users with massive application downloads. , download and install. The machine supports HTML5 technology and can watch on-demand programs from video sites.

TCL LE50D8900 TV supports traditional wired network connection, and also has built-in high-speed WiFi wireless network function. The aircraft also has a wireless AP function, can transmit wireless signals through the router, so that the user's mobile phone or tablet computer and other equipment at any time online, very humane.

Editor Comments: TCL LE50D8900 TV with intelligent features, smart applications complete, the aircraft intelligent connection features powerful, excellent quality picture, the current price is cheap, good value for money, you can start.

[Product Model]TCL LE50D8900

Hisense LED55K680X3DU

Seeing that the year is approaching, manufacturers and merchants should all plan for their own sales goals, so the end of the year is often one of the cheapest time for the product, and users who want to benefit from it need to pay close attention. Hisense LED55K680X3DU TV is a 4K ultra-high definition smart TV launched by Hisense. At the same time, it is also a VIDAA TV. This machine is equipped with a VIDAA operating system, allowing one-touch direct operation is more convenient. The machine supports 4K direct playback and has a wealth of smart applications for users. At present, this TV is priced at 7,598 yuan, and the users in need can look at it.

In terms of exterior design, Hisense LED55K680X3DU TVs are mainly sleek and minimalist, with clear frontal corners and ultra-narrow frames that are barely visible, extending the user's horizons and integrating TV screens with the environment. The line design of the TV set is soft and sturdy. The machine abandons the traditional black design and the white border is more elegant and elegant.

4K screen performance, Hisense LED55K680X3DU TV has a resolution, can present the user with a delicate picture, the aircraft is also equipped with a unique bright 4K technology, a very good static picture fine, dynamic picture stability. The machine has 6.22 million more pixels than a normal 1080p HDTV, making the entire TV picture very vivid and highly reproducible. In order to enrich the 4K content, the aircraft is equipped with a 2K to 4K screen optimization technology, can be 2K high-definition resources into 4K lossless, similar to the effect of 2D to 3D, although there is no outstanding 4K source display, but it is also very good.

For smart applications, Hisense LED55K680X3DU TV adopts the new VIDAA 1.5 operating system to provide users with a new application interface interaction system. Four-button direct access to no home page design, four buttons, in the "live TV, network video, home media center, APP applications," a key to easily switch between the four categories. The four-button direct design allows users to find the functions they need at the touch of a button. There are no tedious processes in between, and they are simpler and smarter. Hisense LED55K680X3DU application store will be divided into eight categories, content rich, almost all types of applications that we can use in our daily life.

Edit Comment: Hisense LED55K680X3DU contains many content applications designed for children. Including infant magazines, children's songs, children's games, children's films, children's educational materials, etc., to provide families with children with a lot of convenience. The aircraft built a variety of online video playback platform, including iQIYI, LeTV, icnTV, PPS, etc., users can choose according to their own needs a suitable playback mode.

[Product Model] Hisense LED55K680X3DU

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