Set-top box number approved! State Bank XBOX ONE heavy upgrade

The XBOX ONE time game console has been listed on the National Bank for a while. The game lineup is still in a critical shortage. However, at the beginning of this release, game console products that defined the "living room entertainment set-top box" have not forgotten their own "jobs". . Recently, a public announcement issued by BesTV showed that: The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, and the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, and Film and Television have recently agreed to issue a batch of Internet TV set-top box client numbers to the Shanghai Radio and Television (parametric picture article) platform dedicated to Xbox. One finished product.

XBOX ONE National Bank Launches BesTV Video Service
BesTV opened the XBOX ONE Internet TV service on January 21, 2015. It was thanks to this. The purpose of the Microsoft XBOX ONE time game console is not only game players, but building a home entertainment terminal is Microsoft's ultimate goal. Simply put, players and users of the National Bank XBOX ONE game console can use the built-in BesTV video service to watch popular movies, TV shows, variety shows and other content, as well as basketball and football live broadcast services, which are very strong.

According to the requirements for management of OTT set-top boxes and other terminal products in accordance with Article 181 of the SARFT, the terminal products that the licensee intends to cooperate with are required to submit a client number application to SARFT. SARFT will, in accordance with the existing Internet TV client numbering rules such as uniform distribution, volume licensing, and one machine, authorize the issuance of corresponding number segments for qualified models of terminal products, and allow the production of end products within the segment range. The authorized integration agency is responsible for determining the number of each Internet TV client according to the unique principle.

XBOX ONE BesTV Video Service Introduction
It is worth mentioning that in September 2013, BesTV announced a joint venture with Microsoft to form a joint venture company, E-Home Entertainment Development Company Ltd., with BesTV accounting for 51% of the shares. Microsoft holds 49% of the shares. In 2014, BesTV merged with Shanghai Oriental Pearl, which introduced Sony PS4 at that time. Microsoft Xbox ONE received the set-top box number, which is expected to be supported after the PS4 national version that belongs to BesTV-Oriental Pearl.

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