Yiguang Q2 backlight product capacity utilization rate is expected to reach 90%

Recently, Everlight officially established Yiguang Lighting Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in China, and announced that it will attack the Chinese lighting market with its own brand “EVERLIGHT” and “Zenaro” products, and will be responsible for NVC Lighting in China. Wu Zhengyu, the channel layout, served as the general manager.

The revenue target of Yiguang Lighting is expected to increase from 10% last year to 20%. Yiguang spokesman Liu Bangyan said that the current capacity utilization rate is about 80%, and the capacity utilization rate of some backlight products in the second quarter is expected to increase to 90%.

Yiguang Chairman Ye Yufu believes that this year's LED backlight and lighting demand has grown, mainly because the market scale has become larger, and the recession has been going on for about one and a half years. As the world economy gradually recovers, this year's price competition will be compared. To ease, orders and prices do not have to be discussed once in the past, so the overall outlook for this year is more optimistic than last year.

Yiguang currently sets up factories in China or mainly based on module products, including Yiguang (China), Guangzhou Hengguang, Yiguang (Zhongshan), Yiguanjing (Fujian) and Yiruijin Optoelectronics (Jiangsu), all of which are still producing component products. Mainly. Therefore, Yiguang Lighting Management (Shanghai) was established and became the first company in Yiguang to focus on terminal lighting products. In the future, Yiguang's full range of lighting products will be sold to China through the company. The current focus of Yiguang Lighting Management will be based on channel construction, which will initially lock indoor lighting into a sales market.

In addition, with the end of the LED streetlights in Taiwan, it began to enter the installation period. Yiguang believes that this year's emerging market countries will have a willingness to change their LED streetlights. This is a new opportunity, and Everlight plans to participate in emerging markets, including Brazil, Thailand, China, India, etc. are all key areas for the first half of the year.

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