Sapphire cutting and polishing overall solution

[Source: Gaogong LED's "LED Good Products" magazine February issue / Long Zonghui] The great heat of LED lighting has spawned the rapid rise of the sapphire substrate market. At the beginning, most domestic manufacturers introduced Taiwan technology and talents, so the sapphire substrate Most of the equipment used in the cutting and polishing process is obtained by Taiwanese manufacturers. The relevant rear-end equipment of domestic sapphire substrates started relatively late, but based on the cutting technology of gemstone, silicon carbide, silicon, ceramics and glass, domestic equipment manufacturers also launched their own sapphire cutting and polishing equipment solutions.

Suzhou Heruite Electronic Special Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Heriot”) successively launched X07190×300-1D-O, 125×270-1UO and 250×400-1D-O in July 2011. Multi-wire cutting machine, X62 1112B-1, X61 930B2M-6PT, X61 1572L-1 double-sided polishing machine, X62 485-2 single-side polishing machine and other overall solutions for sapphire cutting, grinding and polishing.

According to Zhang Xiaodong, a senior engineer at Heriot, the 250×400-1D equipment is now fully applicable to ingots below 8 inches. X 0 7190×300-1D-O can be used for ingots below 6 inches. Choose 125×270-1U-O. In terms of polishing machines, the equipment has covered sapphire wafers under 6 inches.

Wu Jingjun, deputy general manager of Wuxi Dingjing Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. said that the current domestic grinding and polishing equipment has a market share of only 20% in the sapphire industry. The biggest reason is that the stability of the equipment, the consistency of the products and the yield rate are not yet mature. .

“We put special emphasis on these core performance indicators from the beginning of equipment design.” Zhang Xiaodong introduced that in order to improve stability, the cutting equipment uses a precision temperature control system, and the load sensor is used to measure the tension on the supply and winding sides, while the powerful control is adopted. Closed-loop feedback control to ensure constant tension of the cutting line during the cutting process.

In addition, because the temperature of the mortar increases during use, the liquid expansion becomes thinner, and the unit sand particles will directly lead to the problem of slicing uniformity and efficiency. Heriot specially added the mortar problem monitoring and automatic alarm in the equipment. Features.

In the polishing machine, Herriot uses the inverter to cooperate with the asynchronous motor to achieve soft start and soft stop, ensuring stable speed regulation and small impact. The products are all driven by two motors synchronously, and the sun gear has a wider range of shifting to meet the requirements of different polishing processes. The sun gear and the inner ring gear are synchronously raised, which satisfies the requirements of picking and placing the workpiece and adjusting the meshing position of the cruise wheel. The upper and lower polishing discs are driven by helical gears to improve the smoothness of operation.

According to Zhang Xiaodong, the performance of the X07-190*300-1D-O and X07-250*400-1D-O for sapphire multi-wire cutting is comparable to that of the Japanese high bird. The 2-6 inch sapphire is well cut. The rate can also be close to mainstream imported equipment. At the same time, considering the specific production yield, it also needs to be combined with the processes of various manufacturers. From the feedback data obtained so far, it can basically reach the average level of mainstream equipment in the market.

Unfinished: For more information, please check the February issue of Gaogong LED's "LED Good Products" magazine.

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