Benefiting from the increase in terminal lighting demand, PSS substrate sales are popular

[High- tech LED reporter Zhao Hui] Recently, Crystal Optoelectronics (SZ.002273) announced the 2012 annual report. The annual report shows that the company's sapphire substrate revenue last year was 49.853 million yuan, and the gross profit margin was 14.74%.

At the end of 2010, Crystal Optoelectronics began to invest in the construction of LED sapphire substrate project. At present, it has formed a monthly capacity of 200,000 sapphire film and 50,000 pieces of sapphire PSS. The data shows that in 2012, the company's sapphire performance turned into a profit, achieving a net profit of 2.9 million yuan. According to Crystal Optoelectronics, in 2013, the company will continue to increase the market development of LED sapphire projects and accelerate the market share of PSS.

In addition, Dongjing Electronics (SZ.002199) also said in its annual report that in 2013, the process of LED sapphire substrate and patterned substrate (PSS) project will be promoted to accelerate the sapphire substrate and patterned substrate (PSS). Mass production.

The reporter learned that the flat sheet is the substrate sheet formed by the sapphire ingot after a simple cutting and polishing process, and the PSS substrate realizes the light on the substrate by etching a regularly arranged cone on the surface of the substrate. Multiple reflections within the chip to achieve an increase in the extraction efficiency of the external light of the chip.

Compared with flat sheets, PSS has a brightness improvement of more than 30% and a higher luminous efficiency.

With the continuous improvement of the localization rate of upstream technology and equipment, the cost of LED lighting has also been declining. In 2013, the market demand for LED lighting will improve. The demand for PSS substrates for lighting-grade chips is growing, and many chip companies are now increasing the use of PSS substrates.

"Now our Blu-ray chips have already used PSS substrates." Liu Xiwen, deputy general manager of Shandong Inspur Huaguang Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., a member of G20-LED Summit, said that Inspur Huaguang is now packaged in white light with blue LED chips (1023 series). The device has a luminous efficacy of 140 lm/W or more.

“PSS is more profitable than flat sheet and sapphire crystal rods, and the market supply and demand are relatively tight.” Tan Jianling, vice president of sales department of Jiangsu Tongren Electronics Co., Ltd. told Gao Gong LED.

At present, the majority of domestic planned and put into production sapphire projects are mainly concentrated in flat film, PSS substrate production capacity is low, PSS production capacity is still in the expansion period. The data shows that the market price of 2-inch sapphire flat-film substrates is still near the cost line of $7 and $8.

“The price of flat film has been lower than the average cost of the industry, and the processing and sales of PSS is relatively stable, and the gross profit is considerable. The price is about double that of the flat film, which is basically around $15.” Tiantong Shares (SH.600330) Guo Yuebo, director of marketing, said.

“PSS is a new technology that has only appeared in the last three years. It has fewer employees and higher technical difficulty. The PSS market has not competed in the full competition stage like the flat film, so the price and gross profit are quite considerable. It can be said that it is 'landscape alone. Ok, 'Oh.' Guo Yuebo told the reporter of Gaogong LED.

Especially since the beginning of this year, the market demand for LED lighting applications has grown rapidly, and the sales of sapphire substrates have improved, especially the sales of PSS substrates.

"The price and the gross profit of PSS can be maintained in the current position for a long time, because now Changjing Plant and Epitaxial Chip Factory are starting to do PSS." Zhang Xiangxin, Director of Domestic Business Department of Suzhou Haibo Crystal Co., Ltd. said that the sapphire substrate is more Mostly, considering the yield of products, if the yield is high, there will be profits. Enterprises should start with more yields.

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