Panasonic will return to the international mobile phone market with Android

Panasonic will return to the international mobile phone market with Android Matsushita Mobile Communications, a subsidiary of Japan’s Matsushita Group, has announced that it will launch a smartphone based on the Android system for the European market in March of next year to return to the international mobile phone market.

Panasonic mobile phones originally had a poor market in the international market, and there was no overseas business six years ago. This time trying to go overseas again by hitting smart phones.

At the beginning of this century, Panasonic mobile phones had been popular in China. GD55, GD88 and other models were popular in the Chinese market. However, due to improper market positioning and fierce competition, Panasonic announced that it would withdraw from all overseas operations in December 2005 and continue to engage in R&D and sales of mobile phones only in Japan.

Matsushita’s goal of returning to overseas markets this time is to expand its global smartphone sales to 14 million units by 2015, of which 9 million units are overseas sales targets.

News background: According to the international market research company IDC, this year's global smartphone market will increase by 55% to 472 million units and reach 982 million units in 2015. Can be seen, Panasonic's goal is not too large.

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