16-year-old deaf girl lights up "smart lamp" and won the title of "academician"

Recently, the Shenzhen Academy of Youth Sciences officially awarded the 16-year-old deaf girl Zhang Xini the "Academician" honorary title, because she invented the AES car rear-end brake system and SEE green lighting technology not only applied for a patent, but also began industrialization, and samples have been listed. . This is the only place for the Shenzhen Academy of Juvenile Sciences to issue this year. There are only 20 juveniles in Shenzhen. The deaf children invented the "smart lamp". When she was 3 years old, she lost all her hearing. Mom and Dad did not approve of her studies. Sign language, she taught her to read and pronounce from the age of 4. She studied and communicated with a healthy child in an ordinary school. During the physics class, she found that most of her classmates wore glasses, and the teacher told her that it might be due to electric lights. The radiation caused. Xi Ni and the netizen "Mr. Wang" together found that there are many fluorescent lamps on the market with high-frequency radiation, which will make the vision worse. How to eliminate the radiation? The result of their research is that Change the alternating current to direct current to illuminate the fluorescent lamp. Because the alternating current uses 220 volts, the voltage is unstable, which brings stroboscopic and radiation, while the direct current uses 150 volts, the voltage is stable, and energy is saved. Currently, the SEE green is SEE Lighting technology has applied for national patents. A lighting factory in Zhongshan City has begun to use this technology. Last year, samples have been produced, this year Formally produced. The biggest difference in SEE technology is that it does not need to change the lamp, which greatly reduces the cost of use. Si Ni said that her wish is to use SEE technology in the 2008 Beijing Games venue. The name is "Smart Light", she hopes that "Smart Light" will bring you "ear-sightedness." Seeing the collision "collision" out of the inspiration once on the street, Si Ni saw a truck driver because he saw the traffic lights on the brakes Not in time with a motorcycle to catch up. Through the Internet search for help, Si Ni calculated that the safe braking distance should be 5 meters, if it is shorter than this distance, the driver's brake reaction time is only 1 to 2 seconds, then it is too late to brake. Later, from the principle of the anti-lock braking system (ABS), Si Ni was inspired to design the “0 second warning” AES rear-end braking system using the principle of human-machine dialogue. Currently, the technology has been sampled, except In addition to applying for domestic and foreign patents simultaneously, Xi Ni has begun planning for industrialization of the technology.


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