Inhibition of Electromagnetic Disturbance in IGBT Inverter Welder

At the time when the GB15579.10-2008 mandatory national standard is about to be implemented, how to improve the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of the inverter welding machine so that it meets the requirements of the standard has become a major concern for all welding machine manufacturers.

The electromagnetic compatibility test of the welder includes both emission and immunity tests. Because the welding machine itself has a strong anti-interference ability, the general problem of passing the immunity test is not great. Inverters of IGBT inverter welding machines mostly use PWM pulse width modulation technology. Harmonic disturbances are caused by current distortion caused by the input rectifiers of the welding machine. Coupling noises are generated when the IGBTs are switched at high speed, and they coexist with the inverter welding machine. For other electronic and electrical equipment in the same power environment, the inverter welder is an electromagnetic interference source and has not been taken seriously for a long time and effective measures have been taken to improve it. One of the objectives of the implementation of GB15579.10-2008 is to solve arcs. Grid pollution caused by welding equipment. Through our practice, it is proved that it is impossible for an IGBT inverter welder that does not adopt EMC transformation measures to pass the launch test. Therefore, the most noteworthy issue is how to reduce the electromagnetic launch of the IGBT inverter welder and make the product comply with GB15570. 10 Standard (hereinafter referred to as standard) requirements to reduce the electromagnetic pollution of the welder to the environment.

Main source of electromagnetic disturbance of inverter welding machine Inverter welding machine using metal shell can generally pass electromagnetic radiation disturbance test (see standard 6.3.3), and harmonic current emission (see standard 6.3.4), power terminal disturbance voltage (See Criterion 6.3.2) The test exceeded the standards. These two problems are more prominent. We only need to understand the reasons for this, and take corresponding measures for the characteristics of the respective products. It is not too difficult to solve them.

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