IHS iSuppli: Watch the rumored Apple TV product

According to a report released by IHS iSuppli, the company is optimistic that if Apple can provide a complete TV solution, the program will integrate three key elements: screen, user interface and content, and will have the opportunity to adopt a new enterprise model. Successful and profitable in this downturn. There are rumors in the market that Apple may be developing TV products. Such products should be easy to use and may include pay-TV features to distinguish them from other products and also help the company create more subscription services. Apple can choose to expand its existing iTunes service or work with other pay-TV operators, such as cable or satellite TV operators. Such partnerships will be critical to the success of Apple’s TV business and may also recreate the look and feel of the television industry.

The global TV market has been declining in recent years. The growth of shipments has slowed down, and the output value has also been affected. In 2011 and 2012, there will be only low single-digit growth, 2013 will be quite sluggish, and 2014 and 2015 will fall even more. In comparison, revenue from pay-TV services will continue to increase in the coming years, although it is not significant. It is worth noting that the profits of the television industry are very low, and it is difficult for the industry to create profits; if Apple wants to enter this field, it should try to profit from content rather than hardware.

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