Innovation and development relay to seize new business opportunities

It is understood that in 2011, the country's relay exports reached more than 38 million US dollars, although the year-on-year decline of 38.52%, but the chain has increased by 2.02%. The pace of imports slowed down, and the impact on the domestic market weakened. 11 relay imports were US$35.46 million, a year-on-year decrease of 39.58%, and a drop of 8.74%.

The above figures show that the impact of the international financial crisis on the relay industry is very serious. Under this severe situation, all of our colleagues in the industry have worked tirelessly and worked hard. The situation has stabilized and picked up. The year-on-year and quarter-to-quarter ratios of foreign exchange earnings from exports remained declining, but the decline rate decreased month by month.

The relay industry has made a turn for the better. The positive factors in the economic operation of our country have also been increasing, showing a trend of stabilization. However, we must also be soberly aware that the foundation for economic recovery is still unstable, unconsolidated, and unbalanced. It must not be blindly optimistic. It is mainly manifested in the following aspects: First, the prospects of the international financial crisis are still highly uncertain. The downward pressure on external demand remains high and may continue for a longer period of time. Second, economic development still lacks the internal motivation and vitality to deal with crises and overcome difficulties. The support of national policies also plays an important supporting role for the development of enterprises and the economy. Thirdly, the contradiction between overcapacity in the domestic relay industry and many industries has been highlighted by the weakening of external demand, which poses a major constraint on the recovery of the industry's growth. Fourth, subject to the constraints of objective conditions, especially the laws governing the operation of the economy, it is very difficult to significantly expand domestic demand in the short term. We must combine growth guarantee, employment protection, security and risk prevention, and adjust the structure. We must not overlook one or the other. We must unswervingly implement the principles and policies that the central government has already established, and continue to consolidate the trend of the relay industry to stabilize and pick up.

To this end, we must make full use of an enabling policy environment and seek new breakthroughs in the following areas:
First, in the crisis, we must rely on patented products to dominate the market and win business opportunities based on intellectual property rights in adversity.
Second, aim at goals and expand markets.
Third, vigorously adjust the product structure and promote the adjustment of industries and industries.
Fourth, enhance the ability of independent innovation and cultivate core competitiveness.

All in all, only by taking a lead in the concept can we win the first chance; only by leading the talent can we win the technology; only when we are technologically advanced can we win the market; only if we can lead the market can we win the vitality. Understanding the situation, striving to adjust the structure, and actively responding to the international financial crisis, the relay industry will surely achieve a breakthrough.

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