Identify the Five Tips for Breaking Through the Smart TV Market Prototype

With the development of the Internet, more and more people are accustomed to buying home appliances online, but many people still prefer to buy online under the mall.

For thousands of users, the same problem may be encountered whether they are offline channels or online purchase. If someone sells the old TV or the "prototype" in the mall, how can the user recognize it? Identify it? Xiao Bian has a few tips to share with you.

1, watch TV appearance packaging. The outer package of the new goods is relatively intact and clean. If the plastic bag inside the carton is open, it should be intact, unopened, and the hand touched is very clean. There must be something wrong with the old packaging.

2, to see if the TV shell is complete. The case of the new machine looks a little shiny, and it reflects a tiny amount of luster under the light. After touching it with your finger, it should be no dust. The shell of the old machine looks rather rigid and without any light, the dust must be on the case. Although some people deliberately use the cloth to wipe the dirt on the casing, but some of the dead ends can not be wiped off, such as screw holes, cooling grid must be dirty.

3, to see if the screen of the TV is bright. The screen of the new machine is spotless as a lens, and there is no scratch on it, let alone dust. The old machine is likely to have the marks left by the blemishes and fingers.

4, see the power cord plug is intact. Generally speaking, the metal strip of the power cord plug of the new machine will not have any traces of plugging and unplugging. However, the frequently used TV set will leave traces of contact when it is plugged and unplugged on the metal strip of its power plug.

5, look at the smart TV show images. The picture of the new TV is very clear, and the colors are very vivid. Whether it is adjusting the brightness, the contrast is very clear, and the black and white image is also very ideal. That is to say, when playing a black and white image, there is a clear distinction between black and white. Should be mixed with any extra colors. The brightness of the old machine is naturally not good, and the color is not real, adjusting the brightness, the range of change has a certain proportion of reduction, the appearance of black and white images is not obvious. This is also the difference between the main method of refurbishing machines.

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