Safety first, Jin Li M6 Plus detailed evaluation

The traditional mobile phone manufacturer Jin Li released the M6 ​​M6/M6 Plus M5 upgrade at the Beijing National Convention Center on July 26th. Feng Xiaogang and Yu Wenle were invited as the spokespersons for Jinli. This time, the M6 ​​with “security” as the main product. How exactly is Plus's strength, and does it match with Six Lords and Six Uncles?

Appearance & Workmanship

Because it is a prototype for evaluation, there is no general packaging for sales. There is a protective film on the front and back of the machine, and the blue protective film that Jin Li always has on the chamfered frame of the fuselage has not missed this time. In the protection of the new machine, these details are still in place.

After removing the protective film, the polished chamfered border is indeed very "shiny." There is only a SIM card slot on the left and supports dual SIM dual standby, but it is only compatible with two micro SIM cards, and does not use the now popular nano SIM card design.

The right side of the element is a lot more, the top is the microSD card slot, below the volume key and power button, can also be seen from the figure between the back and the border made some smooth transition processing, so feel is good of.

At the top are noise-canceling microphones and infrared, the bottom left opening is a microphone, the right is a speaker, and the middle is a liquid metal-reinforced microUSB interface that is advertised, and also does not follow the trend of using the new USB Type-C interface.

16 million rear camera + dual color temperature flash, the surface is covered with sapphire glass, and a second noise reduction microphone is sandwiched between the two. Further down is Jin Li’s new logo, which does not support fingerprint recognition, but is similar in appearance.

In the aspect of design, the familiar three-stage design is used before and after, and if it is to be evaluated, it is a thick Jinli style. The official propaganda of the metal body uses a 6-series aluminum material, supplemented by a fine zircon sand blasting technique No. 205, plus 2.5D glass and a domed curve body on the back. The actual grip is good, and the edges are not cut. M6 Plus is in line with its pricing in terms of workmanship.

Screen quality

The M6 ​​Plus uses a 6-inch 1080P AMOLED screen from Samsung, with a maximum brightness of 390 nits, a color temperature of 7700K, and cool, with a very normal 100% color gamut covering 143.3% sRGB.

In the 104-color color test, the average Delta E is 5.6 and the maximum Delta E is 11.5. Although it has been predicted that the AMOLED screen will not be particularly good, such data is somewhat ugly.

Performance and System

M6 Plus on the hardware performance does not meet its pricing standards, MediaTek P10 processor (MT6755) + 4G RAM + 64G ROM, given the characteristics of P10, so the latest LPDDR4 memory and UFS2.0 flash memory is not M6 Plus's, Actually, in various running sub-projects, the performance is not fully reflected, similar to the Charm Blue E that also uses P10. Fortunately, Jin Li's optimization was more effective than Charm Blue E's in terms of actual use, and even realized the application of small seconds, which surprised the author a bit.

The M6 ​​Plus system uses amigo 3.5, which is based on the latest version of Android 6.0. The security patch also hit the July of 2016. Perhaps it is because Gion has additionally equipped chips for hardware encryption on the M6 ​​Plus (perhaps this is the reason why the cost is used for P10). The biggest feature of the system is the publicity of "security encryption."

Jin Li uses the software encryption method of other homes such as 360 as the private space 1.0, so the hardware encryption promotion is used as the private space 2.0, and the claimed encryption chip comes with RAM (random access memory), ROM (read-only memory), and Eflash. (Embedded flash memory), the entire encryption process is completed in the chip, or a machine-one-to-one correspondence. However, the specific encryption method used is not described in detail, but Jin Li’s publicity is so strong that the author guesses that it should at least have a 128 AES level. In terms of actual performance, M6 Plus should not enable full-disk encryption of Android 6.0. Only rely on this piece of encryption chip for processing.

For the user, there is an extra "little treasury" where you can put all your most intimate things in this vault. There is no difference in other aspects. For verification, the first opening will require the input of passwords and fingerprints, which are slightly different from the passwords or fingerprints used everyday, and are easy to distinguish. There are also related options or reminders in other settings of the system that can really make users feel protected.

In the actual test of the author, after the photo proofs were encrypted, they could not be seen in the M6 ​​Plus's own photo gallery, but connected to the computer to open the DCIM-related folder. There was no hidden file inside, and the properties were not revealed during the encryption. In this case, it is only slightly affected by file sorting after the encryption is turned on. The file manager of the PC is prone to minor problems. It is unclear whether the encryption is related to the encryption.

The same new use of encryption, there is also a "single line call" app, its function is simply Jin Li is a dedicated WeChat for M6/M6 Plus users. Can use the Internet to encrypt calls and send and receive information, use very similar to ordinary phone text messages, but only have to use the mobile phone number to register an account before using, plus the limitations of models, slightly tasteless. If you want to have encryption during your daily chat, Telegram, BlackBerry Messenger, and other apps will actually be able to meet, and you won’t be limited to models. iOS, Android, PC, and so on will all be compatible.

Photo performance

The Jin Li M6 Plus is equipped with a 16-megapixel rear camera, the official did not give detailed parameters, CMOS, etc. are unknown. The camera interface is a combination of many advantages, shutter response, focusing and imaging speed are very rapid, the overall camera experience is good.

Daytime aspects

(Click on the picture to see the original image)

In the daytime proofs, the white balance of the M6 ​​Plus is well controlled, but it will be a little overexposure, and the power of analysis is not strong. After zooming in, you can see that the details are lacking. The first proofs will see the words on the street signs. Obvious smear marks.

(Click on the picture to see the original image)

Shooting buildings, M6 Plus white balance performance is satisfactory, there is no previous exposure, if you want to puncture the sky is not very accurate, but the power is still weak on the analysis, the noise on the building quite a lot.

(Click on the picture to see the original image)

The details on the macro are also good, the small characters on the model can be basically restored, the white balance is also more accurate, the color of the metal joints are also restored, but the details of the M6 ​​Plus in the center part is weaker, it is not clear whether the software is Adjustment problem.

(Click on the picture to see the original image)

The M6 ​​Plus camera will also experience white balance drift in the face of a large green scene. The proofs will be yellowish than the actual scene. Fortunately, the situation is not serious, and a slight change in the focus can have a good performance.

Nighttime aspects

(night scene mode is not turned on)

(Turn on night mode)

In terms of night performance, whether or not the night mode is turned on has a great influence. In the same scene, the proofs of the night scene mode are brighter, but the white balance is warmer. Proofs without the night scene mode are cooler and closer to the actual scene.

Indoor or low light conditions, you can see that the night mode is basically warm, but the resolution and noise control are even better, and the screen brightness is also higher. It takes more time for the camera to take pictures. The author suggests that if it is not very tangled With white balance, night mode will be better at night.

The M6 ​​Plus also has the option of providing HDR. Turning on night scene or HDR in the same scene can improve the control of noise. The details of the night mode will be a little bit better. After the HDR processing, the contrast of the proofs is more prominent, but the brightness is not high and many details of the dark parts are lost. I prefer the performance of the night scene mode. In terms of such photo performance, M6 Plus is not lost.

Life and fever

The M6 ​​Plus is equipped with a large battery at 6020mAh. With the P10's processor and AMOLED screen, the battery life is worth looking forward to. If you carefully look at the details of the above oil, you will find that the M6 ​​Plus is not equipped with a 3.5mm headphone jack, so this life comparison removed the 1 hour music part of our conventional 3-hour battery life test (according to the routine Predicting 1 hour of music consumption should be around 1%).

The M6 ​​Plus ranked third in this ranking, second only to the previous generation of M5 and Samsung's A9 Pro, looks good, but a closer look will find the results with the red rice behind, S7 edge and charm blue Note3 The gap is not large, but the M6 ​​Plus's battery is 6020mAh. The same 1% is far from other models. Looking at this result, the M6 ​​Plus has no advantage compared to the current mainstream models. Compared with the previous generation, the M6 ​​is a step backward. M6 Plus promotes the use of 12V/2A fast charging, but unfortunately whether it is using a QC or PEP fast charging charger to charge it, can only go to 6-7W, it seems that the original charger can meet the fast charge Conditions.

Temperature measurement after 30 minutes of running a large game, the maximum temperature at the front is about 41.2 degrees Celsius, and it instantly rises to 42 degrees Celsius during the test, and the back is 40.4 degrees Celsius. The positive temperature is indeed lower due to the large volume of heat dissipation, but the back control is not Especially ideal, after all, the Charm Blue E is also about 40.4 degrees Celsius in a 5.5-inch volume.

to sum up

Jin Li M6 Plus in all aspects of performance are in line with expectations, but also meet the hard needs of its target user group long-screen longevity, and contrast M5 new hardware encryption is not used in the use of excessive threshold, you can easily get started. Cost-effective online users will automatically give up after seeing the M6 ​​Plus's P10 processor, so Ginlay is still the main line of the market, the new features of security encryption can also attract some of the "safe" customers, after all, No one will hate the "small treasuries", just to see if there is any "special demand".

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