The original innovator Jabra Jalo HALO SMART Yuet wireless music smart stereo Bluetooth headset out of the box!

October 20th is my broken day. I like sports. I know that sports and music are twin brothers. I usually use Dafa's NWZ-WS615. I can use mp3, be a Bluetooth headset, and be waterproof. , And there is Dafa's halo bonus, but when you use it in the mp3 mode a few days ago, you will shake the head and switch the play mode. The reasoning is due to too much sweat to him. . . Of course, you can also use Bluetooth headset mode to solve, but the sound quality is not very good, so this year's female ticket is very close to my gift is Jabra Halo Smart. Not much gossip, directly on the map!

Dangdang! Familiar Jabra yellow icon, full of guys who are forcing ~ cover is also very seductive.

The back of the package details the features of Halo Smart. It is very much looking forward to 17 hours of talk time and 15 hours of music playing time. After all, Dafa is not able to tolerate cao. Even if Bluetooth is not available for two hours, it will be accompanied by a voice button. You can activate Siri with one click. It's quite practical! Hey Siri is sometimes called to the mobile phone! People are ignoring me. Hey, this time with the voice button, you're still proud!

Out of the box, the black earbuds lie quietly in the box and the overall quality looks high.

The opening is like this, the quality of the plastic back plate fixed behind the earphones is slightly a bit. . .

Everything in the box, from top to bottom, from left to right are: instructions (looking like Okamoto.), packaging, headphone deity, earplugs and data lines, very simple package content.

Here I would like to praise Jabra's seal. It's too difficult to tear it. Everybody can see the traces on both sides of the strip being torn off. As a 183cm and 87kg Han, I can't tear my face off (hem and cough). The final step of unpacking can be done with scissors "decently".


Headphones will be automatically magnetized together, will automatically sleep when posted together, like a good one.

In the following experience, a detailed comparison will be made with Dafa's WS615, and a horizontal assessment will be produced at that time. Please continue to pay attention.

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