曦 美 美 美 kPa kPa kPa len len len len len Lenovo ThinkPad s1 yoga 2 generations of the whole process and with the Onelink dock program

Since the end of last year when Haitao finished turning over aliens and thinkpad s1 yoga 1 generation, it hasn't tossed a notebook for a year.

The alien 15 is still in the machine type (xi). . There was no problem in a year. Although 1060 is now out, but I still use the 970m with a 27-inch 2k monitor to spank and WOW is not under pressure. I can't open the top.

The s1 yoga that was bought last year by the government’s first-generation s1 yoga is also a good machine. Unfortunately, it has already been transferred to Dad, and he wants to re-engage in a superbook.

At that time, there were specific methods and out-of-the-box postings for Aliens and Lenovo who had turned over aliens and associations. Many friends were concerned, but due to the tangled nature of the process, many people commented that there were problems with placing orders and transshipments. Too universal (but now dell outlet seems to be even more fierce, Lenovo outlet has been difficult to place orders).

So I began to pay attention to Meiya's direct mail computer. Through Meiya's screening function, I would like to reduce the price of the notebooks that I would like to buy and direct mail to put in shopping carts. The method is relatively simple. It is estimated that everybody knows as well. After screening out the computer's all-around direct mail, you need to wait for the Aunt to push yourself and hope to help some people.

Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum, brother, these computers in the shopping cart are now wide open for direct mail, although prices are now high, but maybe some days on the price cut it ~ this kind of thing is done by Meiya

Finally one day in September this year, I saw the thinkpad s1 yoga 2 generation in the shopping cart suddenly dropped from 13XX knife to 799 knife, and finally the last two, decisive start, the commodity connection is:

, Amazon did not introduce the specific cpu configuration, but through the model can be found in the United States Lenovo's official website (as received the same is), i7/8g/256g/1080p ips/ touch screen / flip / backlit keyboard / with pen.

So the purchase method is very clear, direct orders direct mail, notebook 799 knives, pre-tax 11.5%, so pay a tax of 120 knives, shipping as long as 12 + knife, send UPS, conscience! Although more expensive than the 650 that I bought last year, but the anal needs, only comfort and credit card 5% cash back, and this is brand new, and is the second generation.

In short, the overall situation is barely acceptable. Counting cashbacks, the total tax-to-hand ratio is less than 6K (my dollar was bought a long time ago...), which is a price comparable to the domestic 8k-1w. As for why not buy any other millet, small new, dell burning. . . Do not talk about forcing, mainly because I have a supporting Onelink dock to use, s1 can better meet my daily work needs, will be introduced later.

Amazon sent UPS one day from the United States to Shanghai, and then cleared customs in Shanghai for seven working days (during which some customs clearance information was sent via email to UPS, UPS would contact you on its own initiative) and finally after more than 10 days of ordering. A box with a computer was received on a rainy day, and the overall shopping experience was relatively unenlightened and suitable for lazy people.

The real notebook in this big box, the protection of the general, the packaging of the new Lenovo computer is also more embarrassing, no better than the official turn.

Boot, win 8.1pro, after a free upgrade period, still tangled how to promote win10

S1 yoga 2 generation and 1 generation comparison, the biggest difference is that the touchpad has changed back to the thinkpad's most classic red dot + 3 key type, experience a lot better. The rest of the appearance is exactly the same as that of the 1st generation. The interface has a onelink dock or power connector, 2 USB 3.0, 1 miniHDMI, an SD card reader, lock position, headphone jack, and several volume keys when the tablet is used.

This 360 deformation mode is actually nothing to blow, and now many friendly business notebooks have this function, and I'm basically not used.

There is a built-in place for pens. I haven't used it yet. I don't even use touch screens, except when I occasionally report on PPT.

The detection of entertainment masters should be the machines produced in May-June last year, which is equivalent to a 4-5-year discount (the original price should be around 1500 knives).

SSD is a Toshiba model MLC (not known), and my previous 1st generation s1 YOGA is Samsung's TLC (it is said that it will speed the model), SATA3 interface is a pity, basically confirmed as a new machine.

Then it is important to say that the main reason for buying the thinkpad s1 is that the use of the onelink dock is simply too good. It can be a desktop in the office. If you go on a business trip or go home, you can simply remove a line and you can take away. The truth of the onelink dock (a bit dirty), the volume is not too big

This docking station is common with the 1st generation S1 YOGA and some other Thinkpad laptop models. About 100 dollars or so, I used to be a second-hand foreigner who used to be directly on ebay. I would probably use more than 40 knives, which is very economical.

Different from the general embedded installation docking station, this is connected to the laptop through a line, also known as Onelink, the rest of the cable, monitor mouse and keyboard are directly inserted in the dock, docking through a line and notebook Including power supply. It is convenient to switch between mobile office mode and home mode.

Interface is still relatively adequate, the front of the two usb 3.0 access storage devices, behind the two usb 2.0 can access the mouse and keyboard, a standard hdmi and a rj45 cable interface, but unfortunately without miniDP, the overall dock is still very small.

2 monitors can be easily accessed through the miniHDMI port on the notebook and the onelink dock

But this 3 is a bit redundant and inconvenient to use.

I like the following model. When I'm in the office, I only use the laptop as a host, and I completely use 2 explicit jobs. You only need to press the power button on the onelink dock to boot. You do not need to control the notebook itself. Compared to some docks of other brands, this way of working is my favorite.

U disk, mobile hard disk through the front of the usb 3.0 interface is also very convenient, the test speed is satisfactory.

Although the overall performance as a workbench is really general, but I used to run simple code, read the paper, compile Latex is completely enough.

In short, the graduation thesis in the second half depends on him.

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