The correct inspection method of distribution cabinet

The correct inspection method of distribution cabinet

Introduction: Distribution cabinets, also known as distribution boxes, are collectively referred to as motor control centers. After the distribution box procurement came back, many people did not know how to make a good judgment on the inspection, and then put it into use. The correct distribution box inspection method can make the distribution box unnecessary troubles during the application process.

When the goods are first inspected, the packaging of the switchgear must first be disassembled, and then the quantity and standards should be carefully checked in accordance with the design drawings and the copy sheet. Then see if there is any damage, rust, etc., we also need to see the factory certification, internal wiring diagrams and other skills and literature. After all of these are checked, the number of the switchgear is loaded into the substation at a time in accordance with the design drawings. After the distribution cabinet is installed on the channel steel, the distance of the distribution cabinet should be adjusted.

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