This flip-chip light engine with external MOS tube solution has high withstand voltage + low thermal resistance + low light decay

In recent years, the gross profit margin of packaging companies has been declining, especially for traditional lighting package devices. Therefore, how to play a good hand with different differentiation is the only way for packaging companies to seek self-breakthrough.

With the continuous improvement of technology, the optoelectronic modules are becoming more and more fierce in the market, and customers are very sensitive to the price requirements of this product.

In this context, Zhonghao Optoelectronics completed the development of FE5223 on August 5, 2016. According to the relevant person in charge of Zhonghao Optoelectronics, “This product adopts an external MOS tube solution, which can greatly improve the power consumption of the product, reduce the unit cost per watt, and improve the cost performance.”

At the same time, the external MOS tube scheme is separated from the power device and the control device, so that the influence of heat generation on the IC device during operation can be minimized to the utmost.

The biggest highlight of FE5223 is that it is packaged in flip-chip process, the thermal resistance is greatly reduced, the light decay is small, and the reliability of the product is greatly improved.

In addition, it can withstand large currents, as well as withstand transient current surges (product pressure up to 1750V), and is especially suitable for outdoor products with large voltage fluctuations, and power voltage fluctuations are extremely small (in the range of AC230-260V) The power fluctuation is less than ±2%), and the applicability is stronger.

Innovations and technological breakthroughs in the FE5223 flip-chip engine:

1. The light engine adopts an external MOS tube scheme, which solves the problem that the COB light engine product is difficult to be wired on a high-power multi-step light engine;

2. Adopting the patented flip-chip process to solve the compatibility problem between the SMT process and the flip-chip eutectic process of the light engine;

3. The reference voltage compensation function is adopted to solve the problem that the power of the light engine fluctuates greatly with the input voltage;

4. The new high-voltage substrate is adopted to solve the problem that the safety and thermal conductivity of the flip-chip light engine are not compatible;

5. Adopt low starting voltage design (can be lower than AC180V) to solve the problem of stroboscopic damage to the human eye.

Customer's evaluation of the product

A customer: Zhonghao Optoelectronics inverted COB light engine photoelectric integration, smaller size, providing more space for intelligent lighting design.

B customer: The flip-chip light engine can achieve 110lm/W @ Ra>70 on outdoor lighting, which meets the brightness requirements of outdoor lighting products.

C customer: The product hole size is the same as the traditional integrated module, and it is easy to replace.

D customer: low THD, high PF value (>90%), stroboscopic problem is better solved, almost no stroboscopic.

E customer: high surge voltage resistance, wide voltage design (180V-300V), low power variation.

F customer: Compatible with the previous H40 bracket light source, can be directly replaced, but also saves power space!

G customer: using flip-chip process, through high temperature withstand voltage test, almost no light decay, and no dead light. Product reliability is good and quality is guaranteed.

H customers: Direct city power drive, as well as the US standard series, through the LM80, the first choice for export to Europe and the United States high-end market!

I customer: The Zhonghao flip-mounted light engine is not only more reliable, but also continues the excellent light color of Zhonghao COB “good light, good color”!

Zhonghao Optoelectronics

Foshan Zhonghao Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. takes the technology of top-notch talents returning to China as the core, and relies on the research and development platform of Sun Yat-Sen University Semiconductor Lighting System Research Center to engage in research and development, production, sales and technical services of LEDCOB light source products. enterprise.

The company's COB products are divided into four series: Shang Zhao Yao Ming / True Color / Sunshine Series (80/90/95), outdoor industrial and mining lighting "Gianliang" series, special light color "Special Color" series and lighting "Wind Chi" series.

Zhonghao adheres to the "talent" and "technology"-based, adhering to the "create value for customers, create opportunities for employees, create profits for shareholders, create wealth for the society" business principles, is committed to becoming China's high-quality optoelectronic integrated products Excellent company.

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