Transformers - Metal Folding Table Lamps

Transformers - Metal Folding Table Lamps

Introduction: The role of the table lamp is believed to not need me to introduce more for everyone, but have you ever wondered what role the table lamp can have, besides putting it on the desk, where can it be used?

Introducing a new type of table lamp for everyone today. Its role can be more than just a table lamp. The first is its cool shape, which is only a rectangular piece of iron. It is small, lightweight, and easy to carry. When you use it, you can fold it into various shapes according to your needs, either W-shaped or Z-shaped, or Is a variety of shapes you need, compact body so that he can travel anywhere with you, camping, travel can be used as your backup power. Even if he does not take him on a trip, it's two colors are placed in a piece of furniture on the home to a very high-grade art, these two colors are local gold and aristocratic silver, not to mention this artwork can give you lighting.

In addition, this elective desk lamp can support USB charging, even if you do not have a socket outside the case, link your mobile power immediately bring you a bright future. Its light source type is LED direct light, light source color temperature is 5500-6000K, average illumination is about 400±100lux, light source power is 3W, this lamp not only can accompany your reading and writing but also can protect your eyes for a long time. Business office, home reading can show its style, the appearance of the trend, easy to operate, I believe you will be proud of your choice. Dongguan City Jin Blu-ray Electric Technology Co., Ltd. is a company with lighting, LED lamp led, matching hardware accessories, design, production and sales of the company. The products cover nearly 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China and are exported to Europe, America, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Product sales include lighting stores, shop-in-shops, Taobao Mall and numerous agencies and agents. It must have been wrong!

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