LG Innotek: 6-inch epitaxial wafer and sapphire substrate

6-inch epitaxial (left) and sapphire (right) wafers from LG Innotek. The Korean manufacturer is planning to commercialize a 6-inch LED chip at Q4'10. The LED layer wafer is bonded to a metal pedestal prior to removal of the sapphire substrate. The company also revealed package details for wafer-level silicon. For example, the embedded Zener diode is integrated into the protection function, the microlens array light diffusing sheet is added to remove the hot spot, and the beam transmission is precisely controlled. LG Innotek also talked about Multi-Rank Mixing, which combines multiple LEDs from different Bins to achieve the desired color point. The company said that the LCD industry recognizes the same problem and has successfully used MRM for LED backlight modules. In addition, the company also demonstrated LED modules for indoor and outdoor lighting.

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