Active matrix OLED power supply technology based on TPS65137 design

This article describes the main features, block diagrams, and typical application circuits of the TPS65137. TI's TPS65137 is an active matrix OLED (AMOLED) power solution that includes a boost converter with an LDO as a post regulator with an input voltage from 2.3V to 5.5V for excellent line transient regulation. , output voltage accuracy of 1%, low noise, output current 200mA, fixed 4.6V positive output voltage, digitally programmable negative output voltage can be as low as -5.2V, with short circuit protection and thermal shutdown, mainly used in active matrix OLED ( AMOLED).

TPS65137 application:
Active Matrix OLED Power Supply

Figure 1 TPS65137 function box

Figure 2 TPS65137 typical application circuit diagram

Wifi Magnetic Antenna DESCRIPTION:
Main Features

Crossing the Obstacles
This WIFI extension antenna can be widely used in a wireless video surveillance system to strengthen the connection between the IP camera and the NVR. It is used when NVR can't receive strong signal from camera due to the far distance or physical obstacles.
· For trough wall/ floor transmission
· Reduce the distance between cameras and NVR
· Built solid connection between the cameras and NVR in your wireless CCTV system

Stick it To Any Surface
This 3m/9.8ft WIFI extension antenna is built with magnetic base and equipped with a 3M adhesive tape. You can stick it to any metal surface or just attach it to walls or ceilings using the included 3M adhesive tape.

Durable Quality & Easy to Use
Built with premium material this WIFI Antenna is durable to use. And the installation process is quite a breeze. Connect it to your WIIF camera and stick it to any surveillance and all is done.

WIFI Magnetic Antenna

  • It is widely use in wireless CCTV cameras to strengthen the connection to the NVR when the distance is two far or there're physical obstacles between them like walls or ceilings
  • Easy mounting: Designed with magnetic base and equipped with 3M adhesive tape, it allows you to stick it to any metal surface and mount it on any surface (wall, ceiling, glass etc.) with the 3M tape
  • 7dBi high gain cable with copper core. And the antenna is removable from the magnetic base. Supper easy to use and install
  • 100% brand new and durable quality, small and stylish, all parts are tested and quality controlled prior to shipment

Wifi Magnetic Antenna

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