Cree, ilumisys, Bridgelux build new plant in the US

Recently, Cree, ilumisys, and Bridgelux have successively established new plants in the United States.

Cree has announced that it will invest $135 million to build a 150-mm LED epitaxial wafer production facility in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA, and expects to increase its staff to more than 250 by 2013.

Cree said that the newly-built LED epitaxial wafer production line is scheduled to be completed in the next few quarters. The goal is that by June 2011, the first batch of products produced on this production line will be launched.

Cree is considering investing $392 million to produce LEDs in Durham County, North Carolina, USA, and is considering building production facilities in China and Malaysia.

Altair Engineering's lighting subsidiary, ilumisys, has purchased a 136,000-square-meter facility in Troy, Michigan. The plant will become the headquarters of ilumisys, research and development and future solid-state lighting manufacturing business.

LED manufacturer Bridgelux Inc. will set up a new plant in Livermore, California. In early 2010, the company moved from Sunnyvale to its new location in Livermore, where its headquarters and major manufacturing operations will be located in Livermore.

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