The world's largest 3D LED TV debut in Chengdu (Figure)

Recently, LG Electronics officially released the world's largest 3D LED TV in Chengdu. This 72-inch 3D TV is now fully accepted by consumers. According to LG Electronics Chengdu, the price of this 72-inch 3D TV is nearly 150,000 yuan, and it has already been listed in some home appliance chain stores in the city.

Largest 3D LED TV

It is reported that in addition to the characteristics of its large screen, this 3D TV has its unique 400Hz refresh rate technology, far exceeding the 200Hz level of other mainstream TV products, effectively eliminating the residual image and tailing phenomenon, and the high-speed dynamic picture can also be clearly presented. , which also relieves the viewer's dizziness, eye fatigue and other phenomena. At the same time, LG developed a new generation of LED backlight technology FULLLED, which combines the advantages of direct-lit LED backlight and side-entry LED backlight, evenly distributes the LED backlight to the entire screen, greatly improving the contrast and brightness of the screen. LG's 72-inch 3D LED TV uses LG's IPS hard-screen LCD panel, and the response speed of the screen is extremely fast, which makes the 3D speeding car as clear and exciting.

According to Jin Chengxue, president of LG China's western region, this year is the first year of 3D TV development. 3D TV has received wide attention from consumers. LG hopes to seize this opportunity and become a leader in 3D TV. At the same time, the reporter also learned from the LG Chengdu company that the current TV is a veritable "luxury". Despite this, the product has been favored by many companies and high-end fashion people. The person in charge also said that during the "Eleventh" Golden Week, the 3D new product will be promoted together with other LG TVs.

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