Car Dealer guess: Carpool or welcome the second spring

Car Dealer guess: Carpool or welcome the second spring

The introduction of new regulations for the special car will undoubtedly have a tremendous impact on the participants in the travel market. What will happen to the travel market after the launch of the New Deal?

The elimination of private cars and the legalization of black cars For special vehicles, the new vehicle requirements for special cars should be seven or less passenger vehicles, and the nature of use registration is for rental passengers, and the road transportation permits for the type of reserved taxis are obtained. According to the “Rules for Compulsory Endorsement of Motor Vehicles”, the service life of small and micro-rental passenger cars is 8 years. This means that owners of private cars engaged in private car service, if they register their properties as rental passengers, their private car service life may be affected, from indefinite years to limited years of use, a large number of private cars or exit from the car platform. For drivers, the "Administrative Measures" requires that "the qualification certificate for road transport practitioners" be obtained.

At present, the working population of private cars can be roughly divided into two categories. One is to work on a special car, and the other is to work part-time. According to the management spirit of government departments, special vehicles and drivers should be professionalized and professionalized to ensure service quality and transportation safety, and it is difficult for part-time private owners to ensure service quality and passenger rights. After the new regulations have washed away part-time Internet chauffeurs, the only remaining black car drivers who can only use transportation as their full-time job will be able to meet these harsh conditions. Only they will be willing to accept the rules that oblige the eight-year retirement of the game. In other words, the effect of the new regulations is merely to create a system for rent-seeking and wealth-making, and the legalization of black carts has become a fruitful result of the Ministry of Communications.

Carpooling or will usher in the "second spring"

For the “hot spot” of carpooling, the Ministry of Transportation specifically pointed out that passenger carpooling (carpooling) has the advantages of facilitating the public’s travel, improving the utilization efficiency of roads and vehicle resources, alleviating urban traffic congestion, promoting energy saving and emission reduction, and alleviating “difficulty”. Positive significance. In the developed countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States, passenger car travel is more common. In recent years, with the popularization of low-carbon travel concepts, carpooling has gradually been accepted by the public in China. Based on this, the Ministry of Transport explicitly encourages the sharing of cars that are not for profit, and encourages the public to travel together (carpooling).

The current car platform is more reasonable in terms of carpooling prices. However, in order to seize the carpool market, some platforms have attracted large sums of money to attract owners, and owners have finally achieved higher returns than costs. The new regulations for special cars introduced this time shall not provide operation services in the name of private passenger car joint (carpool, ride). The reporter predicts that the high subsidies for carpooling will decrease or even disappear in the future. Car owners who continue to carpool will be the ones who are truly practicing the concept of “low-carbon travel and shared travel”. Coupled with the withdrawal of private cars from the special car market, these car sources may enter this area and carpooling will usher in a second period of development opportunities. Of course, government departments and carpooling platforms will also promote further regulation and management of this area of ​​travel.

Digital Temperature tester Non Contact Digital Laser infrared thermometer

1, This non contact infrared thermometer is certificated by CE, FDA, ROHS.

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Infrared thermometer parameters:

* Temperature range: Body temperature 34.0°C~42.9°C (93.2°F-109.22°F), Object temperature 0°C~100°C(32°F-212°F)
* Precision: 0.1°C
* Error in measurement: ±0.2°C 
* Method: Non-contact mid forehead detection
* Detection distance: 1cm-3cm
* Response time: ≤2 sec
* Auto power off: 12 sec
* Data Storage: 32 sets
* LED Indicators with sound alarm for different status: Green,yellow,red represents normal,low fever and high fever
* Power: AAA battery*2
* Storage: Temperature - 20°C~50°C (-4°F-122°F); relative humidity ≤90% 
* Operation: Temperature 16°C~35°C (60.8°F-95°F); relative humidity≤85%

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