Based on MAXl473 chip RF receiving circuit diagram

The receiving module of the TPMS system is mainly composed of an antenna, a radio frequency receiving circuit, a main control chip MCU, a keyboard and a display, and is used for receiving tire temperature and pressure data transmitted by each transmitting module, displaying ID identification codes and measurement data of each tire, and Sound and light alarm when abnormal conditions occur. Since the receiving module is installed in the car compartment, the requirements for the selection of the device are not high, and the industrial grade can be used.

When the RF receiving chip is selected, the receiving sensitivity is required. Maxim's MAXl473 chip is used here. The MAXl473 is a fully integrated, low-power, CMOS superheterodyne receiver with an input signal range of 114-O dBm and image carrier rejection above 50 dB for receiving amplitudes in the 300-450 MHz frequency range Keyed (ASK) data signals are ideal. The chip consumes less than 2.5μA in shutdown mode and 5.2 mA in receive mode, and can receive data rates up to 100 kbps. The 315 MHz RF receiver circuit implemented using the MAXl473 chip is shown in the figure.


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indoor LED module

Indoor LED Module

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