Taiwan LED picks up or pushes up prices

In recent days, the LED industry boom has been rising quarter by month, and downstream packaging plants and LED epi-factories have begun to recover and have expanded to LED sapphire substrates. The market expects that the sales of Yuefeng, Zhaoyuan and Xinjing in Taiyuan Sapphire Substrate Factory are expected to recover quickly.

In the sapphire substrate market in February, it was felt that the demand rebounded. The related manufacturers’ revenues increased by 10% to 20%. The visibility of each plant has reached May. The increase in the number of plants is expected to push up the price. Currently, there are already manufacturers planning to increase prices.

According to foreign media reports, the investment rating of Rubicon Technology, an upstream supplier of LED material sapphire substrate, has been raised from neutral to positive, and Rubicon, a constituent of Philadelphia Semiconductor Index, rose 15.37% to close at US$10.81, up 30 shares. The crown hit a new high since February 23.

Sapphire crystal factory Taiju optoelectronics director said that the LED industry chain inventory is nearing the end of digestion, the market has come out of the bottom, orders have been back to temperature.

The 15th Announcement of Megachips will be renamed as Xinjing Diamond. Its spokesperson Li Jizhen stated that the current price of sapphire substrates is no longer declining. From the perspective of customers pulling goods, the industrial trend is upward. February revenue of NT$147 million was the highest since August 2011.

Sino-American pointed out that LED has the fastest recovery rate and is superior to semiconductors and solar energy. Since 2012, the amount of sapphire substrate shipments has grown by leaps and bounds. The shipment volume in January was about NT$20 million, which grew to nearly 4 in February. NT$10 million, which is expected to exceed NT$50 million in March, and is expected to make money in the second half of the year.

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