Tongxiang, Zhejiang: Traditional street lights changed to LED lights will be fully completed in 2017

Recently, Tonghua City Zhonghua Road received an electricity bill: the street lamp electricity fee for this section was 10,882 yuan in June this year, a decrease of one-third from last year. This is all thanks to the renovation of street lights.

In recent years, Tongxiang has gradually changed the road traditional lighting to LED lights. Last year, Tongxiang completed the energy-saving renovation of 63 4427 street lamps, saving 4,150,400 kWh of electricity every year and saving nearly 4 million yuan in electricity.

It is reported that the total number of street lamps in Tongxiang City is 42,000 baht. Among them, road lamps are mainly made of high-pressure sodium lamps and metal halide lamps, while energy-saving lamps are mainly used in open communities and small streets. Now, after some street lamps have been modified, the light intensity is unchanged, and the energy saving effect is very obvious. Zhonghua Road originally installed 250 watt high-pressure sodium lamp 118 盏, 150 watt high-pressure sodium lamp 129 盏, the total power is 48.8 kW. After the transformation, 135 watts of LED street lights were installed, the total power was 33.3 kW, and the power saving rate was 32.5%. Calculated by working 11.5 hours a day, the street lamp saves 65,100 kilowatt-hours per year. It is calculated according to the monthly electricity consumption of 100 kilowatt-hours in ordinary urban households, which is equivalent to the monthly electricity consumption of 651 households.

In addition, the maintenance workload is also significantly reduced. Gao Xiaofei, deputy general manager of Tongxiang Power Supply Company, said that ordinary lighting lamps consume a lot of power and have a short life span, and they have to be replaced once every two years. The cost of maintenance and replacement of LED street lamps within 6 years is very small.

At the on-site meeting of the recent provincial road green lighting renovation project, the Tongxiang experience was recognized by the province's energy-saving experts and scholars. According to reports, Tongxiang streetlight renovation will be fully completed in 2017.

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