Sanan Optoelectronics reopened high and went strong

Go high and go high, strong rise

After Sanan Optoelectronics resumed trading today, it went up to 50.39 yuan. The company's latest announcement is to jointly establish a joint venture company, Sanke Photovoltaic Co., Ltd., with the US company EMCORE in the Wuhu Economic and Technological Development Zone, to design, research and develop, produce, sell, service and distribute ground high-concentration solar energy. Application (HCPV) components and systems. Among them, Sanan Optoelectronics invested 18 million US dollars, accounting for 60% of the share capital; the registered capital is paid by the two parties in two phases, of which the first phase of the capital contribution should pay the capital contribution of the registered capital within 45 days after the establishment of the joint venture company. One of the points. The company expects a medium-term net profit to increase by 240% year-on-year. In the secondary market, the stock opened higher and higher, and its strength closed up.

According to the announcement, EMCORE is a leading supplier of compound semiconductor components, subsystems and systems for global fiber optic communications and solar market applications. For the purpose of this investment, Sanan Optoelectronics explained that at present, photovoltaic power generation at home and abroad is in a period of rapid development. The company's cooperation with EMCORE in the United States is in line with the development trend of the photovoltaic industry, and it is strong and strong, and cooperates with each other. The system's power generation products have broad prospects and are in line with national industrial policies, and are also in line with world industry development trends. Now it is in the process of vigorously promoting the economic restructuring of energy conservation and emission reduction in China. With the introduction of national support policies, this investment will lay a solid foundation for the company's future sustainable development and have a positive impact on the company's operating profit.

The board of directors of Sanan Optoelectronics also agreed to sign the Technology License Agreement with EC and the joint venture company. EC will use the intellectual property and expertise related to the design, manufacture and testing process of HCPV receivers, modules and systems for the ground solar applications it owns. The technical free license is used for the joint venture company. Sanan Optoelectronics will license the intellectual property and proprietary technology of its own ground-based high-concentration solar power HCPV components and systems to the joint venture company. The parties also agreed to freely transfer to the joint venture. The company provides relevant technical support and protection.

In addition, on July 30, Sanan Optoelectronics signed the “Investment Cooperation Agreement on Ground Application High-concentration Solar Power System and Component Project” with EC and Wuhu Municipal Government, and made relevant agreements on the establishment of joint ventures. The Wuhu Municipal Government will A series of preferential policies are provided to the joint venture company.

Investment highlights:

1. Emerging energy-saving lighting industry leader: On July 1, 2008, after the company injected Sanan Electronics, the main business changed completely. Sanan Electronics is the largest and most promising LED manufacturer in China (LED as a new type of solid-state cold light source, with obvious advantages, is the development trend of the lighting industry). Compared with domestic counterparts, the company has more advantages in technology, especially in the mass production process. It is the only mass production manufacturer that realizes full-color high-brightness LED in China. The company's product qualification rate and technical parameters are better than peers, the first-mover advantage is obvious. According to the company's 2008 annual report, its main business gross profit margin is as high as 41.28%. Among them, chip sales realized revenue of 202 million yuan and gross profit margin of 38.11%.

2. Scale advantage: The company is the earliest enterprise engaged in LED epitaxial wafer and chip manufacturing. It has introduced the world's advanced LED growth and chip manufacturing equipment, and has 18 world-class MOCVD and matching chip manufacturing lines. And testing equipment, with an annual output of 500,000 pieces of epitaxial wafers, the production capacity of 16 billion chips (the Tianjin base is expected to be partially put into operation at the end of 2009. In 2009 and 2010, the company's production capacity will reach 590,000 and 830,000, respectively). At present, as the largest full-color ultra-high-brightness LED chip manufacturer in China, the company can reduce product cost through mass production and obtain economies of scale. The company ranks first in the domestic industry. As the first brand in China, the advantage is obvious and the benefits are obvious. , has a strong ability to resist risks.

3. High-tech enterprises: In January 2009, Xiamen Sanan Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, entered the third batch of public high-tech enterprises in Xiamen in 2008 after the declaration and relevant review procedures. It is from December 26, 2008 to January 19, 2009. According to the relevant regulations of the state, enterprises that are recognized as high-tech will enjoy the 15% preferential income tax rate stipulated by the state during the period of validity of the qualification, and the income tax rate for profit forecast will remain unchanged when the company's major assets are restructured.

4. Senior executives: On September 9, 2008, the company announced that Linke (director and general manager) purchased 166,000 shares and currently holds 166,000 shares; Yi Shengze (secretary of the board of directors) purchased 11,000 shares. Currently holding 11,000 shares. The buying price range is 8.92-9.00 yuan. Announced on September 10, Guo Zhigang (Deputy General Manager) purchased 11,000 shares at a price of 9.2 yuan and currently holds 11,000 shares. The above purchased shares will be locked in accordance with relevant regulations.

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