Detailed explanation of Beijing Sinopec scientific research and office building night lighting

Project Name: Sinopec Research and Office Building Project

Design unit:
Beijing Haoersai Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

Construction unit:
Beijing Haoersai Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

Owner: China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation

Project Description:

The Sinopec scientific research and office building project is located at the northeast corner of the Chaoyangmen overpass, west of the East Second Ring Road, connected to the urban green belt, and across the North Street to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The total land area of ​​the project is 1.49 hectares, the east-west length is about 165 meters, the north-south length is about 88 meters, the total construction area is about 173,000 square meters, the underground is 4 floors, the ground floor is 26 floors, and the annex building is 11 floors.

As a scientific research building of Sinopec, the lighting design reflects the rigorous, subtle, and harmonious coexistence of multinational corporations, and maximizes the overall sense. The large-scale surface lighting, the key performance of the architectural details, will show the daytime perception of the building in a new look in the night scene.

Project details:

1. Detailed lighting technical indicators (including light source, lamps, power quantity, power consumption and lighting quality):

   1.1. Selection of light source, luminaire and control system

Reasonable selection of light source, luminaire and control system is the primary condition for ensuring advanced technical indicators, excellent lighting quality and remarkable energy saving effect. Therefore, we choose high-efficiency lighting source and actively promote metal halide lamps, LED lamps, T5 fluorescent lamps and compact fluorescent lamps. (CFL) and high-power compact fluorescent lamps and other high-efficiency lighting source products; the selection of cost-effective lamps, should be based on light efficiency, comprehensive consideration of light color, life and price and other related factors, select the best cost-effective light source.

A large number of LED lamps are used in this project, such as 18W/M LED Line type floodlights in the building atrium, 2×3W LED double-projection lamps in the facade of the curtain wall, etc., while ensuring the lighting effect, Meet the energy saving requirements. At the same time, different lighting control modes such as weekdays, festivals, and major festivals are set according to the usage.

1.2, power quantity, power consumption description

The rated power of the project when the lights are all turned on is 223KW; in view of the fact that most of the lamps are LED lamps and the dynamic change effect is dominant, the actual power consumption is about 80% of the rated power when all are turned on; about 178KW.

1.3, control of lighting quality

According to the reference value given in "Design Code for Urban Night Lighting" (JGJ/T163-2008), the average illuminance of the Sinopec scientific research and office building project located in Chaoyangmen, East Second Ring Road is 140Lx. The main lighting method is mainly to embed the LED double-projection lamp in the recess of the curtain wall, which avoids the influence of the lamp on the daytime effect of the building, and also controls the glare and the interference light well, ensuring the illumination quality.

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