Wuhan Hongshan Economic Development Zone


Wuhan Hongshan Economic Development Zone was established by the People's Government of Hubei Province. In April 2006, it was the first provincial development zone to be cleared by the five ministries and commissions in the central development zones of the city. .

After several years of development and construction, a high-tech industrial park led by opto-mechatronics, electronic and electrical, new materials and creative industries has taken shape. The park is mainly composed of Beigang Science and Technology Industrial Park, Wuhan Creative Industry Park and Jiufeng Technology Industrial Park.

Distributed photovoltaic power station, Solar Panel power generation system is based on the principle of photovoltaic effect. It is a power generation system that directly converts solar radiation energy into electric energy. The solar grid-connected power generation system converts the solar energy into electric energy without passing through the storage of battery energy, and sends the surplus electricity generated after meeting the load demand or in the case of no load to the grid through the grid-connected inverter. The output power is relatively small. Low pollution and high efficiency; To some extent, it can relieve the local electricity stress. Clean energy, zero emissions; No noise, no impact on family voltage environment; There is also a certain shade insulation effect. Easy installation and transportation; One-time investment, long-term benefits; High reliability, long life, can run more than 25 years. Applicable to residential houses, sunlight room, garage roof sunshine surface, agricultural and industrial buildings roof sunshine surface. It is a new type of power generation and energy comprehensive utilization method with broad development prospect. It advocates the principle of nearby power generation, close connection to the grid, nearby conversion and nearby use, which can not only effectively improve the generation capacity of the photovoltaic power station of the same size, but also effectively solve the problem of power loss in the booster and long-distance transportation.

Mini Grid System

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