Who will compete in the LED lighting market in China, such as Buddha Photo/NVC/Op?

Recently, Xiao Bian conducted research on the lighting market in various local and county-level markets in Henan Province, and conducted face-to-face exchanges with the most influential dealers in the region to bring back the latest and hottest county-level market dynamics in the market. Today, let us follow the footsteps of their research and look at the local lighting market in Xinzheng, Changge and Zhangzhou, Henan Province.

Xinzheng City

Xinzheng City is located in the central part of Henan Province, with Zhengzhou in the north, Changge in the south, Zhongyu in the east and Xinmi City in the west. It belongs to Zhengzhou City. It covers an area of ​​873 square kilometers and has a population of 786,000. It administers 14 townships (towns) and 337 administrative villages.

Xinzheng was called "there is a bear" in the ancient times, and Xuanyuan Huangdi built the capital here. In the era of Emperor Qiang, Xinzheng was the country of Zhu Rong. Xinzheng is also known as the market of Zhu Rong, also known as the bear market, the earliest origin of the ancestors of the Chu State.

Xinzheng's lighting market began in 1986. At present, there is no large-scale building materials market, and the lighting stores are relatively scattered. From 1986 to the present, it is the demand of the entire market contracted by several old lighting stores, and the operation of the remaining lighting stores. The years are all within three years. At present, the most powerful lighting distributor in Xinzheng City is located in Xinzheng Electric Material Lighting Mall opposite Yanhuang Square, Renmin Road, Xinzheng City. The store area is about 200m2 square. The decoration is simple, and the door and store furnishings continue the typical market. Decoration style.

Xinzheng Electric Materials Lighting Store is the best-operated lighting store in the local area. It has a good foundation and popularity in the local market. Although the store area is small, the warehouse goods are classified reasonably, and the typical small store is a large warehouse. According to Ms. Li, the person in charge of the store, this store has been in business for 30 years, operating Feidiao, Jonson, Chint, Delixi, Xiaobailong, Kemen and other brands, 26 employees and 6 vehicles.

Ms. Li said that at the beginning of this year, she had just entered the goods of 600,000 yuan. At present, the warehouse has a backlog of goods worth 3 million yuan. Due to the current bad market conditions and changes in consumer groups, in order to reduce business risks, stocks have been adjusted in the past.

Changge City

Changge City is affiliated to Xuchang City, Henan Province, and is a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Xuchang; it is adjacent to Xuchang City in the south, Zhengzhou Airport Port Area in the north, and adjacent to Xinzheng International Airport; with a total area of ​​650 square kilometers, with a total population of 777,000 and 4 jurisdictions. Street, 10 towns, 2 townships.

The author visited Changge City. There is no large-scale lighting market in Changge City. The local brands with strong strength are Op, NVC, and Foshan Lighting. In addition, Xin gorgeous lighting in the West Building Materials City and Huatai Lighting in Changshe Road, the store area and decoration are relatively high-end. Because there are more enterprises in the eastern district of Changge City, and the houses in Xiaoxiang Town are relatively large, the local dealers mainly go to the community promotion and renovation projects. However, due to the proximity to Zhengzhou, most of the larger engineering orders and high-end consumption will flow to Zhengzhou.

The largest local operation is Op Lighting, which has a business area of ​​500m2 and employs 14 people. It has two outlets and one is the image store of Op. Agent Hu said that the company's mission is more than 1 million a year, and it has already been completed half. Opto.com has had an impact on physical stores. In particular, the market has been sluggish in recent years. The company's support for outlets is not enough. It is hoped that manufacturers can increase support for the terminal market.

Foshan Lighting is located in Jinying Road, Changge City. The store is decorated according to the standard. It received two rectification notices in the previous period and has already replaced its products. Mr. Zhang said that the operation of Foshan Lighting has been going on for one year, and the local effect is still ok. So far, the maximum amount of orders is 20,000, generally 3,000 to 4,000. Foshan lighting common light source products are relatively grounded, and it is easier to sink channels in towns and villages. In recent years, the market situation is not good, and I hope to get more support from the factory.

Quzhou City

Cangzhou City is known as the first capital of China, and is famous for its enamel culture, Daxu culture and Chinese medicine culture. In history, this is the only place where China’s first slavery dynasty, the capital of the Xia Dynasty, and the enamel of China’s “five famous porcelains”, is also one of the four major Chinese herbal medicine distribution centers in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. "Xiadu", "Yudu", "medicine are". The rapid development of social economy in Ganzhou City ranks among the top 100 comprehensive strengths in the country.

There are currently two building materials market in Zhangzhou, one in the Chinese herbal medicine market in Zhangzhou and the other in the Zhangzhou Commodity Exchange Expo City. At present, there are more than 120 large and small lighting stores in Cangzhou. The competition is obvious, and it is closer to Zhengzhou, the provincial capital. Many high-end consumption flows to the Zhengzhou market. However, due to the rapid economic development of Zhangzhou, the local real estate and urban construction have been greatly promoted. Currently, Zhangzhou has Many new buildings, which provide a huge demand for the lighting market.

The two most influential brands in Zhangzhou are Op Lighting and NVC Lighting. Op Lighting has 3 online stores in the local area with a total operating area of ​​1400 square meters and 20 employees. Agent Xia said that in the past, the advantage of the store is more obvious, but in recent years, it has become more and more felt that the bigger the store, the greater the operating pressure, especially in the aspect of “destocking”.

NVC Lighting in Cangzhou City is the largest local lighting distributor. Mr. Sun has been operating lamps for nearly 20 years. There are three online stores in the area, with a total operating area of ​​nearly 2000m2, and most of the projects in Cangzhou have been undertaken. Mr. Sun said that the NVC brand has an advantage in the local bidding project, but the price transparency of the NVC brand is too high and the profit margin is relatively small.

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