The use of paraffins with different melting points

High Melting Point - This wax is ideal for making cylindrical candles, hand-dip fine candles, molded candles, shaped or carved gift candles. This wax is very hard and does not retain its fragrance. Its melting point is 145 degrees Fahrenheit or 63 degrees Celsius. The use of wax is required to make the above types of wax so that the candle will not sink under its own condition when cooled. If you use this wax to make candles, you need to use additives.

Medium Melting Point - This type of wax is often used to make prayer candles, and sometimes used to make container candles. Its melting point is 127-145 degrees Fahrenheit or 53-63 degrees Celsius. This wax is harder to touch than a low-melting wax, but it is better in shape retention. This wax is better in keeping the fragrance but requires the use of additives. This type of wax is massive and needs to be cut into small pieces to melt.

Low Melting Point—This type of wax melts at 127 degrees Fahrenheit or 53 degrees Celsius. A soft wax is an ideal material for making a candle in a container, and it has a long lasting fragrance. Until the candle burns out, the soft wax has Strong flexibility, no need to use additives. Softer paraffins have many advantages, however, they are more difficult to process and they release more soot than other waxes.

Once you have decided on the types of candles you want to make, you can choose the most suitable paraffin. No matter where you buy the paraffin, you must know the melting point of the paraffin you purchased. The gift candles you make will look good when you buy them. Detailed instructions for the use of these waxes.

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